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HIT Chapter 5

HIT Chapter 5 Multiple Choice Workbook

A major innovation that made the process of health insurance claims submission simpler was the development of A universal form
The front side of the cms 1500 claim form is printed in OCR scannable red ink
The most common format used for text files in computers and on the internet is ASCII
OCR formatting rules specify No punctuation, All entries in uppercase, and mm/dd/yyyy date format
A "small Provider" of services is one with less than 25 full time employees
The patient info form should be updated yearly
A patients name, SS number and employment date are commonly referred to as demographic information
An Individual covered under Medicare is referred to as a beneficiary
An insurance policy that covers an individual, spouse, and any eligible dependents is a Family plan
A multipurpose form used by most medical practices for billing is Encounter form, Super Bill, Routing form
In NONcomputerized practices, pt charges and payments are tracked manually on a PT ledger card
The CMS 1500 claim form has ______ separate blocks 33
After the health insurance professional has completed the claim form it should be proofread
An example of a method for manual claim follow-up is using an Insurance log and Insurance register
A company that receives claims, consolidates them and transmits them in batches to third-party payers is called a Clearinghouse
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