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Step by Step Cpt 4

Step by Step Cpt 4 Theory General Medical Terminology

Abnormal or altered tissue (wound or boil) Lesion
Term used to describe a cancerous tumor that grows worse over time Malignant
Swelling or enlargement; a spontaneous growth of tissue that forms an abnormal mass Tumor
Localized collection of pus that will result in the disintegration of tissue over time Abscess
Closed sac containing matter of fluid Cyst
Not progressive or recurrent; usually used to describe a growth that does not spread to another location in the body Benign
Surgically cutting into Incisional
Removal or an entire lesion for biopsy Excisional
Use of a needle and a syringe to withdraw fluid Aspiration
Use of a small hollow instrument to puncture a lesion Punch
To remedy replace or heal Repair
Suffix meaning technique involving molding or surgically forming -plasty
Free flow or withdrawal of fluids from a wound or cavity Drainage
Cutting or taking away Excision
To unite parts by stitching them together Suture
Inspection of body organs or cavities by the use of a lighted scope that may be placed through an existing opening or through a small incision Endoscopy
Scraping of a cavity using a spoon-shaped insturment Curettage
Forcing of a fluid into a vessel or cavity Injection
Suffix meaning suturing -rrhaphy
Suffix meaning puncture of a cavity -centesis
Suffix meaning removal of a part of all of an organ of the body -ectomy
Removal of a small piece of living tissue for diagnostic purposes Biopsy
Surgically cutting into incision
Binding or tying off, as in constricting blood flow of a vessel or binding fallopian tubes for sterilization Ligation
Suffix meaning incision into -otomy
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