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Theology II Midterm

auxiliary bishop backup bishop
coadjutor bishop has rite of succession
sacraments of initiation baptism, conirmation, eucharist
sacraments of healing reconciliation, anointing of the sick
sacrements of ministry holy orders and matrimony
christology study of Christ
Holy Father Pop Benedict XVI
theology study of God
Annunciation Gabrieal told Mary she was to bear Jesus
Saturnalia feast of the birth of Sun God
Ascention when Jesus ascended into heaven 40 days after Easter
Immaculate Conception when Mary was conceived Dec 8
Assuption August 15
ecclesiology study of Church
eschatology study of end of world
theofany manifestation of Triund God
Epiphany manifestation of wise men
how many days of obligation? 58
how many days of holy obligation? 6
what are the holy days of obligation? Christmas, Immaculate conception, all saints, assumption, ascension, salenity of Mary as mother of God
papal refers to pope
vicker of Christ pope
head of Catholic Church Jesus
transubstantiation when the substance of the bread becomes the substance of the body of Christ, and the substance of the wine becomes the substance of the blood of Christ
Eucharist thanksgiving
viaticum communion received on our death bed for the last time
Theo Tokos "God Bearer"
infalibility gift of Holy Spirit to CHurch protecting the pope from error when he is speaking of faith and morals
ex cathedra the builing that houses the chair
Who are the grandparents of Jesus? Anne and Joachim
hypostatic union states that Jesus is one divine person with a human nature and a divine nature
What is the pope's baptismal name? Joseph Alois Ratzinger
WHat was Pope John Paul II baptismal name? Karol Jozef Wojtyla
Epiclesis invocation to the Holy Spirit
eparchy diocese
the Holy See Rome
ecumenism promotion of restoration of unity among all Christians
anathema non existant
Council of Trent 1545- 1563
Pius XII Eugenio Pacelli. paapcy March 2, 1939- October 9, 1958
John XXIII Angelo Guiseppi Roncalli. papacy October 28, 1958- June 3, 1963
aggernamento "open the windows and let fresh air in"
Paul VI Giovanni Battista Montini. June 21, 1963- August 6, 1978
John Paul I Albini Luciani. August 26, 1978- September 28, 1978 "Pope of Smiles"
John Paul II Karol Jozef Wojtyla. October 16, 1978- April 2, 2005
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