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Advent Notes

Advent Notes 12/07/09

The season of ______is the time of the year when we prepare for the coming of Jesus Advent
Advent means _______. coming
There are _____ weeks in Advent. four
The ______ told God's people for years to prepare for Jesus. prophets
God sent his son ______ to save us from sin.
We can prepare for Jesus' birthday by: a. praying and worshiping God b. being a peacemaker c. doing good deeds d. being just and fair to everyone
The________ is a Christian custom that has four candles each marking the four Sundays before Chistmas. Advent Wreath
Candles at Christmas are a reminder that Jesus_______. is the light of the world.
The_________ remind us of the waiting. They are the first, second, third and fourth week. three purple candles
The_________ reminds us the waiting is almost over. one rose or pink candle
The rose or pink candle is lit ________ the third week.
The ________ help us to rejoice in Jesus' coming and see that the lord is near. saints
Saints and feast days we honor during advent are: a. December 6th b. December 8th c. December 12th d. December 13th
_________- Saint Nicholas was a bishop who helped the poor December 6th
_________ - The feast of Immaculate Conception. We remember that Mary was the only person born without original sin. December 8th
_________ - The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Mary appeared to a poor man in Mexico, Saint Juan Diego. December 12th
The ___________ is a special time to celebrate that god is with us today, now and forever. Christmas Season
Jesus was born in _________. Bethlehem
Jesus' bithday is celebrated on __________. December 25th
Jesus' mother is _______. Mary
Jesus' foster father on earth was ________. Joseph
During Advent and Christmas, Jesus is called _______, which means ___________. Emmanuel God is with us
_________ - St. Lucy was a martyr who died for her faith. December 13th
Created by: jfouchi
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