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JLC Ch6 SS Review

JLC Ch6 SS Review 6th Grade

Where is Mesoamerica? It extends from the middle of present day Mexico to the central part of Central America
Name the physical features of the interior Mesoamerica. mountains, plateaus, highlands
Name 3 crops grown in Mesoamerica. maize, squash, beans
Why are cenotes important? Source of drinking water
How did the landscape of Mesoamerica influence the people who lived there? It helped them develop unique cultures
How were the Olmec people divided into social classes? By wealth and power
Name the most powerful classes in Olmec civilization. Priests and government officials
The Olmec are called the “Mother Civilization” of Mesoamerica because . . . They directly influenced all of the Mesoamerican civilizations that followed them.
How were the Maya different from the Olmec? Mayan civilization reached it’s peak around 300BC.
What are cenotes? Sink holes or natural wells
Why might the Olmec have been ancestors of the Maya? The two civilizations have many things in common.
Why did the Maya use calendars? To record birth dates, to record marriage dates, and to honor their Gods on the right dates.
What did the Aztecs call themselves? Mexica
Where was Tenochititlan. On two islands in Lake Texcoco
How was Tenochititlan expanded when it became overcrowded? They built more islands
The Mexica formed alliances to help their power grow. What does this mean? They made agreements to work with other city-states
Why didn’t Moctezuma II fight the advance of Cortes? He may have believed that Cortez was a legendary God.
If Cortes had not attacked the Aztec Empire, why might it have continued? Under Moctezuma II, the Aztec Empire was enjoying the greatest period of power and wealth.
Created by: jkm1123