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8th TOB Part One

Define vocation: God's plan for us in our lives
As the visible sign of God's love in the world, what obligation do we have with regard to our bodies? Our bodies are a reminder of the God's love. We are "from and for others."
How do we fulfill or perfect our nature? by living according to love; "the perfection of Christian life is measured by the measure of love"
What lesson in love does Christ impart from the cross? to love is to make a total gift-of-self.
What is the first and fundamental vocation of man? The call to holiness, love of God and love of neighbor
In what two ways is this universal call to holiness lived out? The Sacrament of Marriage or virginity for the sake of the kingdom of Heaven
How do we embrace one or the other state in life (marriage, virginity) Vows, solemn and sacred promises we hold for our entire life.
Identify the four layers inherent in the call to holiness. 1) we all share in the universal call to holiness 2) call requires either marriage or virginity 3) within these states in life God has specific ways for us to serve 4) our response to the call will be unique, according to our special talents/gifts
What is the meaning of the Greek word, "Kalos?" Beautiful, excellent, worthy
Define: vow
In what way was virginity a NEW means of obtaining sanctity at the time of Christ? Not having children was seen as a sign that your marriage was not blessed by God. The Virgin birth of Christ and his own virginity changed that. Matthew's Gospel, teaches that it is a means of obtaining a great many blessings and a means to eternal life.
What's the difference between not ever getting married and living virginity for the sake of the kingdom? The latter involves the taking of vows.
In what way to people who respond to the call of virginity for the sake of the kingdom have children? They assume a sort of fatherhood and motherhood over the people they witness to and the people they teach.
The fruit of a life consecrated to God through virginity can bear powerful fruit for the world. How does Saint Benedict exemplify the power of such a sacrifice? Saint Benedict's embrace of the consecrated life in the 6th century led to the reform of monasteries all over Europe. His "Rule" is embraced by monasteries all over the world today, 1500 years later!
How does virginity confirm the importance of Marriage? Through virginity, God calls a person to sacrifice something good: Marriage. Marriage is the original way of living as seen in the love shared by Adam and Eve in Genesis.
How does marriage reflect God's love? Marriage involves total self-giving and life-giving. Old Testament Prophets used the image of a bride and bridegroom when talking about God's relationship to His people.
Explain Jesus' response to the Pharisees who questioned Him about divorce. He took them back to Genesis and the original vision of marriage. Jesus also gives marriage a new measure of greatness, transforming it and elevating it from what it was in the beginning to a sacrament.
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