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A&P Ch 25

Respiratory System

This structure prevents food or water from entering the trachea. Epiglottis
These are two triangular pieces of mostly hyaline cartilage located at the posterior and superior border of the cricoid cartilage and attached to the true vocal cords. Arytenoids cartilage
What is the name of the passageway that ends at air sacs in the lungs? Bronchiole
How is oxygen transported through the blood? Bound to hemoglobin
What factors affect hemoglobins affinity for oxygen? Ph of blood Your answer is incorrect, Partial pressure of the oxygen, Amount of oxygen available
Parts of the upper respiratory system? Nose, Pharynx, Nasal meatuses
The nose connects with the throat through the Pharynx
The portion of the pharynx that opens to the mouth is called the Oropharynx
During swallowing, which structure rises? Pharynx
What is pitch controlled by? Tension of the vocal chords
This is located anterior to the esophagus and carries air to the bronchi. Trachea
Which of the below tissues maintains open airways in the lower respiratory system? Hyaline cartilage
Which of the below tissues provides the functions of the lining of the walls of the conducting organs? Ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium with goblet cells
The point where the trachea divides into right and left primary bronchi is a ridge called Carina
What is the primary gas exchange site within the lung? Alveolus
Which of the following tissues forms the exchange surfaces of the alveolus? Simple squamous epithelium
These are cells of the alveoli that produce surfactant. Type II alveolar cells
Exhalation begins when Inspiratory muscles relax
The conducting airways with the air that does not undergo respiratory exchange are known as the Anatomic dead space
This is the sum of the residual and the expiratory reserve volume. Functional residual capacity
Which is the dominant method of carbon dioxide transport? Dissolved in plasma as bicarbonate ions
This is direction of diffusion of gases at the alveoli of the lungs. Oxygen into blood, carbon dioxide out of blood
This is direction of diffusion of gases at capillaries near systemic cells. Oxygen out of blood, carbon dioxide into blood
What happens when blood becomes more acidic? Hemoglobin releases oxygen more easily
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