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Rome Review

Review of The Roman Empire

In 27B.C. was appointed Consul, Tribune and Commander in Chief for life Octavian
define Emperor absolute ruler
lasted over 200 years Pax Romana
Some of Octavians reforms included appointing ___________ who could not exploit the provinces proconsuls
The building of new roads and buildings were reforms of the 1st emperor___________ Octavian
The Julio-Claudian Emperors were the first four emperors after Octavian, they were considered part of his family
__________ succeeded Octavian and accused many of treason Tiberius
The last five emperors of the Pax Romana were known as the _____ emperors good
Augustus (Octavian) chose professional ______________ to rule the provinces governors
After Nero's death, Rome was ruled for 28 years by a succession of emperors who were chosen by the ______ Army
27 B.C to 180 A.D. are the official dates given to the Pax Romana
the emperor who increased the empire to its greatest size was Trajan
The last emperor of the Pax Romana was Marcus Aurelius
This Julio-Claudian emperor succeeded Claudius, was cruel and insane and was willing to bankrupt Rome for his pleasures (music and horse racing), he committed suicide Nero
the deliver chosen by God was known to the Hebrews as the Messiah
This emperor built defensive positions including a wall in Great Britain Hadrian
The five good emperors were Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius and Marcus Aurelius
In Rome this means enlightened one or divine one Augustus Caesar
The mentally disturbed successor of Tiberius who was killed by a palace guard Caligula
The empire getting two large necessitated that new ____ be established that applied to non-citizens laws
by 160 A.D. these became a major problem invasions
this period had a stability that boosted trade, raised the standard of living and generated achievement in the Arts the Pax Romana
the laws that deal with non-citizens were called the jus gentium
by 160 A.D. the poor were provided food and entertainment to celebrate over 130 of these holidays
These laws were created from all Roman Laws due to the fact that citizenship had been granted to so many provinces that two sets of laws were not needed the Law of Nations
early Rome worshipped Nature Spirits and later accepted the ________ religion and its gods Greek
this man wrote over 140 history books which contained a great deal of non factual information Livy
The first major road built for Rome was called the ` Appian Way
artificial channels for carrying water were known as Aqueducts
Virgil wrote the ________ which was an epic poem comparable to Homer's Aeneid
The roman senator known for his oratorical skills (speeches) was Cicero
The is the entire body of Hebrew religious law Torah
Christianity was thought to be a _______ of Judaism sect
these are defined as followers disciples
The problem that the Romans had with _______ was the emotions he aroused which could cause trouble for the province Jesus
The Romans thought that Christian rejection would arouse their gods wrath
The appeal of Christianity to the poor was that it offered eternal Life
Christianity appealed to more people in the cities because that is where the _____ lived and it became known as the religion of the cities poor
this leader had a dream where he saw a flaming cross with the words with this symbol you will have victory, he had his soldiers use the symbol and they won, he was Constantine
Constantine became this is in 312 A.D. the protector of Christianity
The ______ OF ______Christians were free to worship the way that they pleased, this was issued by Constantine edict of milan
Christians refused to honor the _______ as a god, rejected military service and were accused of treason, these issues made them very unpopular with the romans emperor
this emperor made christianity the official religion of Rome and banned the old hellenistic and Roman religions Theodosius
there were five leading cities and each had a bishop called patriarchs
The eastern patriarch's did not agree with the Bishop of Rome having authority over them and eventually separated and their church became known as the Eastern Orthodox Church
During the reign of Five Good Emperors there was very little if any ___________ violence political
Marcus Aurelius was succeeded by his son _____________, who was like Nero and bankrupted the treasury Commodus
From 192 A.D. to 284 A.D. there were ____ emperors placed into power by army legions 28
Political instability in the empire led to __________ decline economic
a rise in prices corresponding to a decrease in the value of money is called inflation
two emperors attempted to end the decline in the 200 to 300 A.D time period, they were Diocletion and Constantine
Diocletion issued attempted to stop economic decline by implementing the _______ of ________ which froze wages and set a maximum prices for goods The Edict of Prices
______________ replaced Diocletion in 312 A.D. and reinforced his reforms Constantine
in 330 A.D. Constantine moved the capital of the Eastern Empire to B_____________ and renamed it _______________ Byzantium, Constantinople
Constantine was eventually replaced by T___________ Theodosius
__________ tribes invaded Roman Empire looking for grazing land, a warmer climate and a share of the empires wealth Germanic
The unifying factor of the Germanic tribes was their _________ which the Romans considered unintelligible and because of this they called them ___________ language, barbarians
The __________ rebelled against Roman Rule and killed the eastern Roman emperor and the successor gave them land to secure peace Visigoths
The ____ invaded and plundered Italy until plague and famine decreased their numbers and their fierce leader _________ died Huns, Attila
The Huns were gone, Italy was devastated and their was nothing to stop the Germanic tribes then the _______ raided and sacked Rome Vandals
In 476 A.D. __________a German general seized control of Rome and overthrew Romulus Augustulus and declared himself king Odoacer
The Roman Empire ended thru a series of complex events but many refer to ____ A.D. as the end of the empire when __________ took over 476, Odoacer
The Roman aspects of the _________ empire had gradually been replaced by Hellenistic culture Byzantine
By the 700's A.D ________ replaced Latin in the Byzantine Empire Greek
The _________ ______________ became the basis for French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian Roman Alphabet
Augustus formed the ___________ guard, highly paid soldiers intended to guard the emperor Praetorian
This emperor attempted to have his horse elected Consul Caligula
This emperor was thought to be insane and murdered his mother, wife and Claudius's son, A fire in 64A.D. devastated Rome and he blamed the fire on the Christians Nero
Vespasian and his decendants including Domitian were known as the _______ dynasty Flavian
The building of Colosseum (coliseum)was ordered by Vespasian
________ was the son of Vespasian, he was a benevolent ruler who completed building the Colosseum, during his reign the disaster of Pompeii took place Titus
There were five good emperors, this emperor only lasted fifteen months and his greatest achievement was to adopt Trajan and name him successor Nerva
This emperor was famous for strengthening the defenses of Rome, he built walls in Germany and one in England Hadrian
This emperor is regarded as one of the five greatest emperors in Roman History, a great intellectual and miltary leader who had a firm desire for peace, the last ruler of the Pax Romana Marcus Aureluis
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