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lab stuff

The term "universal precautions" refer to an infection control method in which all human blood and other potentially infectious material is treated as if they were known to be infectious. true
A facility providing as adequate supply of running water, soap, and single use towels or hot air drying machine is a: Hand washing facility
What anticoagulant tube should be used when drawing a Hematocrit? EDTA Ethylene Diaminetracetic Acid
The term obtaining blood from a vein is a: Venipuncture
When using vacutainers, what provides the suction that pulls the blood into the tube? vacuum
An anticoagulant works by preventing the blood from clotting through the removing or in activating of one of the essential factors in coagulation. True
The complete blood count is commonly rreferred to as? CBC
Capillary blood is usually obtained from? Ear lobe, finger and heel
Vacutainers are test tubes , sealed under vacuum by a pliable stopper, they may be punctured by the back end of a special needle held by its own adapter. True
Direct pressure should be applied to the site of venipuncture to prevent hematoma formation. True
As a vital member of the clinical laboratory team, the Phlebotomist provides the link between the patient and other health professionals. True
When several quantitative blood examinations are to be carried out, it is best to collect several milliliters of blood from a vein. True
Hematoma may be caused by a. failure to have needle completely in veinb. failure to release tourniquet before withdrawing the needle
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