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Skeletal System

Fibula and Tibia Fibula Y Tibia
Calcaneus Calcaneo
Clavicule Clavcula
Facet joint Articulacion Facetaria
Bursa Bursa
Cruciate Ligament Ligamentos Cruzado
Comminuted Fracture Fractura Conminuta
Herniated disk Disco Herniado
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Ligamento Cruzado Anterior (LCA)
Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) Ligamento Medial Colateral (LMC)
Kyphosis Cifosis
AC Joint Articulacion Acromioclavicular
Bunion Juanete
CTS Sindrome de tunel carpiano
Jawbone Mandibula
Acromion Acromion
Cauda Equina Cauda Equina
Floroscopy Floroscopia
Ankylosis Anquilosis
Hemarthosis Hemartosis
Gout Gota
Arthropathy Artropatia
Joint Articulacion
Arthrocentesis Atrocentisis
Osteomyelitis Osteomielitis
Patella Rotula
Osteomalacia Osteomalacia
Metacarpals and Metatarsals metacarpiano y metatarsianos
Shoulder blade (Scapula) Omoplato
MRI Resonancia Magnetica
Laminectomy Laminectomia
Radius and Ulna Radio y Cubito
Synovial Membrane Membrana Sinovial
Myeloma Mieloma
Rheumatoid Arthristis Artritis Reumatoides
Weight-bearing joint Articulaciones de Soporte de peso
Lumbar Spine Espina Lumbar
Lordosis Lordosis
Sling Soporte
Damp Washcloth PaƱo humedo
Dressing Vendaje
Band-aid Curita/Vendaje
Drainage Drenaje
Scrub Restregar
Pat Dry Secar
Oinment Unguento
Prop Up Ayudarse/Sostenerse
Hazardous Peligroso
NSAID Antiflamatorio No Esteroide
Stool Softener Laxante
Warmth Calor/Calidez
Discharge Flujo
Numbness Entumecimiento
Created by: AnaHamilton47
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