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Blood & Lymphatic

Medical Terminology

Coagulation Coagul/o Blood's ability to clot
Clot Thromb/o Blood's ability to clot can be both life saving and threatening
3Main types of blood cells Erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes
Bone Marrow Myel/o
Thymus Thym/o
Vein Ven/o
Vein Phleb/o
Blood Hemat/o
Deficiency -Penia
Root of Hemoptysis Hemo
Cyt Cell
Components of elliptocytosis ellipto/cyt/osis
Components of oligocythemia oligo/cyt/themia
Components of hemostatic Hemo/static
Breakdown of hematopoiesis Hemato (blood) poiesis (formation)
Breakdown of hemolysis hemo (blood) lysis (loosen, breakdown)
Leukocytosis leuko (white) cyt (cell) osis (condition of)
pancytopenia pan (all) cyt (cell) -penia (blood deficiency)
hemotology Hemo (blood) -logy (study)
osteomyelitis osteo (bone) myel (bone marrow) itis (immflamation)
billirubinemia bili (bile) rubin (red) emia (blood condition)
thrombophlebits thrombo (clot) phleb (vein) itis (immflamation)
nephrosplenoplexy nephro (kidney) spleno (spleen) plexy (surgical fixation)
Hemorrhage excessive blood loss
Splenodynia spleen pain
macrocytosis large cell condition
splenolysis spleen breakdown
hepatosplenomeagaly liver spleen enlargement
lymphocyt lymph cell
hyperlipidemia over fat condition
lymphadenectomy surgical removal of a lymph node
tonsillectomy surgical removal of the tonsil
splenalgia spleen pain
lymphopenia lymph deficiency
leukocyt white blood cell
tonsilitis immflamation of tonsil
thymectomy surgical removal of the thymus
polycytthemia excess of red blood cells
thrombosis formation of blood clot
enter/o intestines
jejun/o jejunum (2nd part of intestine)
colon/o large intestine
odont/o tooth
proct/o anus and rectum
an/o anus the sphincter or muscle at the end of the intestine that allows passage of feces
gingivectomy gingiv (gums)
laproscoptomy laparo means abdomen
aphagia no eating
hyperemesis excessive vomiting
components of ano ano/sigmoido/scopy
biligenesis bile means creation
gastromelacia softening of the stomach
proctologist specialist in the anus and rectum
components of gastroenterocolitis gastro/entero/col/itis
hepatosclerosis hepato (liver) sclero (narrowing itis (condition
enterorrhaphy intestine sucture
abdominocentesis abdomen puncture
abdomen celi/o
saliva sial/o
duct doch/o
bladder cyst/o
intestines enter/o
tongue lingu/o
stomach gastr/o
tooth dent/o
mouth or/o
gums gingiv/o
Created by: ReginaV
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