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Medical Terminology

endo within
hemato blood
gastro stomach
cardio heart
patho disease
pulmono lung
arthro joint
dermato skin
neuro nerve
logy study
itis inflammation
gnosis knowledge
ia disease
ic related
hyper over
hypo under
pre before
dia through
pro before
centesis surgical puncture
ectomy excision
stomy surgical opening of an organ or part
Lith Stone
ectasis dilation
capnia carbon dioxide in the blood
phonia sound
ule small
brady slow
tachy fast
epi over
trans through
arteri artery
athero Gruel-Like Deposit
lobo- lobe
phlebo vein
thrombo bloot clot
hemangio blood vessel
choleo gall
oro mouth
stomato mouth
glosso tongue
linguo tongue
pneumono lung
pulmono lung
phreno diaphragm
cheilo lip
dento teeth
pneumo lung
duodeno duodenum
alveolo alveoli
appendo appendix
oxo oxygen
oxy quick
ano anus
adeno gland
Created by: tiptoealaska