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T6 Ancient History

6th grade Ancient history test 6

what is a monarchy? ruled by a king
what is oligarchy? ruled by a few - usually rich, upper class
what is a democracy? the people have a voice
what kind of government did Sparta and Athens have? both had an oligarchy
What was the chief goal of the Spartans? to have a strong army
What would the Spartan woman say to their men as they went off to war? "Return with your shield or on it"
Whose government became an early form of democracy by allowing the male citizens to attend Assembly meetings? Athens
Who required their woman to receive physical training so they would become strong mothers of healthy babies? Sparta
What were woman of Athens and Sparta not allowed to do? they could not participate in governmental meetings
life in Sparta life in Sparta was much more rigid. They were ruled by a king & their main goal was working you hard to build a strong army. A boy started training at age 7 and was beaten in public as ceremony to the gods. You had to suffer pain to be a good soldier!
life in Athens Athens was ruled by tyrants because they wanted the lower class to have better living conditions. Soon men were allowed to vote.
what gods did the Greeks believe in? they believed in many different gods who had supernatural powers but were much like humans. They were jealous, vengeful, immoral, and childish
agora a busy market place with open-air buildings called porches where people traded and discussed politics
orator good speaker
who was one of the greatest orators who wanted to rebuild Athens after the Persian Wars? Pericles
The Greeks fought the Persians in what battle? The Battle of Salamis Bay
What hill overlooked Athens which was also the center of religious life? Acropolis
Who led the Persian troops against the Greeks? Xerxes
Father of History Herodotus
The Father of Medicine who wrote an oath that is taken by many doctors even today Hippocrates
credited for first using the scientific method Aristotle
wrote two famous works, the Illiad and the Odyssey Homer
taught his pupils by using thought-provoking questions Socrates
instruments used to write on a waxed tablet stylus
the Greek goddesses who presided over the arts the Muses
a lover of wisdom philosopher
servants who accompanied wealthy boys to school pedagogues
ancient Greek festival of games Olympics
The Greeks made up stories called ____________ myths
What occurs when an object appears to take a shape it does not really have? optical illusion
In the Middle Ages, what was the Parthenon used for? it was used by Christians as a church
What did the Greeks think of music? they thought it was the greatest of all the arts
Who was King Midas? a myth made up by the Greeks. He was a king who was granted a wish by the god Bacchus that everything he touched would turn to gold. He soon came to regret his wish as he turned his own daughter into a statue of gold!
a mythological winged horse Pegasus
Why was Alexander called "Alexander the Great"? because of his military genius and an unconquerable spirit
The New Testament of the Bible was originally written in what language? Greek
Created by: libbykaly