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A 24 hour urine specimen is collected and it is spilled, what should happen next? Must start over with new collection
An Analyte that exceeds the renal threshold is called: Glucoseuria
Another name for a first morning urine collection: first morning, 8 hour or overnight collection
What are the symptoms of kidney stones? kidney pain, nausea, vomiting
What are urinary casts? protein precipitates in the renal tubes that are voided into the urine
What carries urine from the kidney to the bladder? Ureters
How is polyuria confirmed? 24 hour urine
What does chemical examination look for? the presence or absence of analyses in the urine
How long can a urine last once collected till processed and run? one hour
What does the physical examination of urine determine? color and clarity
How many nephrons are present per kidney? one million
What is a confirmation test? precise and specific test
If a urine is preformed and there is a presence of sperm in the urine can that be proof of sexual abuse? Yes especially in kids
What is a byline cast? a colorless, homogenous and semitransparent cast
Do you ever label a lid? Never, always the cup
What is an indication of an infection? 15 per high power field
what Medication is given to increase output of urine? Diuretics
What is a screening test? An inexpensive test used to test large groups of people
Name of a glucose tolerance test in urine? GTT Glucose tolerance test
What is a urine artifact? talcum powder
Name of confirmation test ran with the presence of sugar? CLINA test
What is a UTI? urinary tract infection
What is being looked for in a supra vital stain on a slide? WBC's white blood cells
Order of urinalysis examination? Physical, chemical, and microscopic
What is calculi? Kidney stones
Temperature range for a drug screens: 90.5 to 99
What is culture and sensitivity? a test for infection causing bacteria and effective antibiotic for treatment
A test that comes back negative although it is known to be positive: false negative
What specimen is collected for UTI suspicion Clean catch mid stream urine
What is in urine sedimentation RBC<WBC< and bacteria
What are drug screenings used for pre-employment or criminal investigation or pain management
What is a urine collected at a specific time called? timed urine
What is ketoacidosis? a fruity odor in the breath
What are kidney stones made of? calcium
What is not the function of urinalysis? to prevent UTI's
What are the analyzed urine properties? physical, chemical, and microscopic
What is oliguria and what are it's effects on the body? small amount of urine, dehydration, kidney failure
What are the floaters at the top of a spun urine sample? Supernate
What is one thing that does not affect pH? Weight
What are the most common crystals found in urine? Oxalates
What is polyuria? Excessive urination over 400 ml
Which part of urinalysis is a liquid biopsy? Microscopic
Which protein is the most sensitive on a dip stick? Albumin
What is present in the urine to show bacteria? Nitrites
What is proteinuria? protein in the urine
What is renal insufficiency? an inability of the kidneys to remove waste products from the body
What is the bladder? Hollow expandable muscular sac that stores urine
What is the chemical concentration range of a hydrogen ion? 4.5 to 8.0
What is the easiest urine specimen to collect? random urine
What is the flow of urine? kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra
What is the most common parasite in urine? Trichomonas vaginalis
What is the most common WBC found in urine? Neutrophil
What is the normal specific gravity range 1.005 to 1.030
What is the study of the kidney known as nephrology
What is urea end product of protein metabolism
What is urine mostly composed of? 95% water
What is visible in incomplete fat metabolism in urine? Ketones
What power do we start with when looking at a urine sample? low power
What temperature should urine be observed under a microscope? room temperature
What type of test is a urine strip test? semi-quantitative test
What type is ran that gives a specific number value Quantitative
When collecting a random urine sample, what is not needed a wipe and sterile cup
When performing a urine dip what should glucose levels read? Negative
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