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What is another name for an antibody? Immunoglobulin
How are QC Controls supplied? With the test kits
How many antigens are tested for when doing an ABO blood grouping? There are Four, A, B, O, AB
If an agglutinin reaction occurs what is seen in the antigen? clumping and color change
Is Gonorrhea the most prevalent STD in the US? No, it is Chlamydia
Who is the largest group to get Mononucleosis? teenagers and young adults
What is another name for Immunology? Serology
What is the bodies first line of defense against infections? Skin, Mucus membranes and bodily fluids or recretions
What is the most prevalent STD in the US? Chlaymidia
What is an RPR (Rapid plasma reagent) testing? Syphilis
What STD is caused by spirochete treponema palladium? Syphilis
What virus causes Mononucleosis? Epstein Bar
What is the antigen in type A blood? A antigen
What protein molecules does the lymphatic system produce? Antibodies
What reaction are we looking for in a blood typing? Agglutination
What two things bind an enzyme in an ELISA test? antigen or antibody
Where is a radioimmunoassay allowed to be run? Large labs
Which autoimmune disease affects the central nervous system? Multiple Sclerosis
The study of the bodies response to the introduction of a foreign substance is called: Immunology or serology
The study of Immunology helps us: find antibodies to make immunizations to help fight infections.
Are all immunities long term? Some are long and some are short term
What does the body due to help keep you from getting reoccurring infection of the same type? Builds immunity to the infection to help fight it
What are the two categories of immunology testing? STD and non STD
What is one of the most commonly preformed test in immunology? Mononucleosis
How is Lyme most commonly transmitted? Ticks borne spirochete
What test is used to detect inflammatory process? CRP C-reactive protein
What test do we run to check for rheumatoid arthritis? RA
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