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Are a template and an IV Bleeding time the same? Yes
What Are coagulation tests for extrinsic pathways? PT and aPTT
What makes it more likely for a male to have hemophilia? A defective gene on their X chromosome
What can result in spontaneous blood clots due to an inherited deficiency in coagulation factors? Hemophilia
What is the cure for a hemorrhagic disease in a newbor? Vitamin K
How do we characterize a clotting disorder? By spontaneous blood clot formation
What do we do with the blood if a coagulation test is going to be delayed in testing? Freeze it
How do we test for the intrinsic pathways? aPTT, Activated partial thromboplastin time
Vascular phenomenon or vascular response refer to? Vasoconstriction
Is Vitamin D an antidote to warren poisoning? No Vitamin K is the antidote
What are the two pathways of coagulation? Intrinsic and extrinsic
What does INR stand for International Normalized Ratio
How does the body achieve homeostasis? Coagulation, vasoconstriction, and platelet plug formation
What is a clot in the vascular system called? Thrombus
What is a normal prothrombin time for a patient NOT on therapy drugs? 12 seconds
How is a bleeding time done? A small incision is made in fore arm measuring the time it takes to stop bleeding or to clot
What is classic hemophilia? Hemophilia A
What is it called when platelets adhere to an injured vessel to stop bleeding? platelet plug
What group on medication interrupt or prevent clotting? Coumadin, or Warfarin
What is the arrest of bleeding called? Hemostasis
What is the hemorrhagic disease caused by the deficiency of platelets? Thrombocytopenia
Which basal constrictor is released by platelets when it is adhering to a wound? Serotonin
Which classic hemophilia is the Christmas disease? Hemophilia B
Which lab tests do we use to monitor coumarin therapy? PT, Prothrombin Time
With an Ivy bleeding time test, the BP cuff is used to standardize to what? 40mm
What is the normal average time it takes a Dukes bleeding time to clot? 30 seconds to 5 minutes
What is the standard size Citrate tube? 0.5 ml
How many inversions do we do with a Citrate tube? 5 to 10 inversions to insure proper mixing
What is the biggest reason for rejection of a Citrate tube? Not filled to the line, QNS
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