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Are streptococcus and staphylococcus both rod shaped? No, they are spherical
Bacteria is what? It is nonpathogenic, pathogenic, and beneficial
Have a purple result from a gram stain, what type of organism is it? Gram Positive
How are groups of agar stored Agar sde up
How are urine cultures discarded In the biohazard
How do we protect ourselves from microorganisms in the lab? PPE (gloves, gown, face shield)
If the culture grows on a plate with antibiotics what does it indicate Antibiotics are ineffective
What is the medical name for Valley Fever? Coccidioidomycosis
What are Human Pathogenic Microbes? Bacteria, Virus Protozoa, Fungi
What do aerobes need? Oxygen
What is Giardia Lamblia classified as? Protozoa
What is the bacterial count for urinary tract infections? Over 100,000 organisms/mL
What is the cold virus? Rhinovirus
What is the shape of the cocci? Round
What is the Varicella Virus? Chicken Pox
What test is used to test for type of antibiotic treatment? Culture & Sensitivity
What microorganism is included with yeast & mold? Fungi
What organisms cause 80% of urinary tract infections? E. Coli
Why do we not use virucides? They are toxic to the host
You have strep throat, what type? Group A Strep
Microbiology is the study of organisms only seen by Microscope
How many subdivisions does micro have five
The study of bacteria is Bacteriology
The study of viruses is Virology
The study of parasites is Parasitology
The study of fungus is Mycology
The study of branching bacteria is Mycobacteriology
What is bacteria found on most body surfaces normal flora
When does normal flora become pathogenic when it is found on or in parts of the body it is not normally found or introduced from a foreign source
What are two types of gram reactivity gram positive and gram negative
What are two shapes of bacteria rod and cocci
What test is cytochrome oxidase used for Neisseria Gonorrhea
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