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Clin Tech III Final


Mr. Brennan is an 87-year-old patient who has metastatic stomach cancer. Which type of drug therapy would be best? palliative
The study of drugs is called ____. pharmacology
Which of the following is the action of a diuretic? Increases urinary output and reduces blood pressure
Which drug is derived from a mineral source? Potassium chloride
The trade name of a drug is also known as the ____. brand or proprietary name
Which of the following is the proper way to dispose of outdated, noncontrolled drugs? Use a disposal company that destroys biohazardous waste
Which of the following is the action of an antiemetic? Prevents or relieves nausea and vomiting
_________ refers to the interaction between the drug and target cells or tissues and the body’s response to that interaction? Pharmacodynamics
Drugs that are administered intramuscularly are absorbed through the ____. muscle
Which area of pharmacology is also called clinical pharmacology? Pharmacotherapeutics
The action of an analgesic is to ____. relieve mild to severe pain
The action of antihypertensive drugs is to ____. reduce blood pressure
Tomas is an overweight, 46-year-old patient who has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. In addition to diet and weight loss, which of the following might the physician prescribe? Antihypertensive
Examples of analgesics are ____. Tylenol, aspirin, MS Contin, and Percocet
Which of the following is the action of an anesthetic? It prevents the sensation of pain.
Which of the following describes the manner in which a drug is eliminated from the body? Excretion
A drug is prescribed to prevent a disease or condition, as with immunizations or birth control drugs, in which of the following types of drug therapies? Prophylactic
Drugs injected intradermally are absorbed through the ____. skin
Which of the following drugs are examples of anticoagulants? Lovenox, heparin sodium, and Coumadin
After receiving chemotherapy, Mr. Clark experiences severe nausea and vomiting. The licensed practitioner orders 5 mg Compazine IM. The supply is a multidose vial with 5 mg/mL. How many mL of Compazine will you administer to Mr. Clark? 1 mL
An equivalent measure for 5 mL is ____. 1 tsp
Convert 45880 mL to liters. 45.88 L
Convert 10 oz to milliliters. 300 mL
Convert 70 kg to pounds. 154 lb
Convert 1560 mL to ounces. 52 oz
Bella weighs 110 lb. How many kilograms does she weigh? 50 kg
Convert 352 lb to kilograms. 160 kg
Mrs. Eckstein’s her rheumatoid arthritis is causing considerable pain. The physician asks you to administer a 20 mg IM injection of Depo-Medrol. The supply is multidose vial that provides 40 mg/mL. How much will you inject? 0.5 mL
Which of the following is the apothecary equivalent to 30 mL? 1 fluid ounce
Which of the following are common sites for intradermal injections? Forearm and back
Drugs administered via the intravenous route are absorbed within ____. 15 to 30 seconds
Which of the following would you include when giving a subcutaneous injection? Hold the needle and syringe at a 45 to 90 degree angle to the skin
A medication that is administered intramuscularly is ____. injected into a muscle
Which of the following is included when administering a liquid drug? Hold the medicine at eye level, with the palm over the label, and pour the correct amount of the drug
Which of the following is a small glass or plastic container that is sealed to keep its contents sterile? Ampule
Of all the drug administration methods, which one is the most rapid-acting and produces the most immediate effect? Intravenous
You have prepared Mrs. White's vitamin B12 shot, performing the "triple check," and are about to administer it when an emergency occurs and you have to leave. You lock the injection in a drawer. When you return, what should you do next? Check the order and the injection again, and then administer the injection
A healthcare provider has a responsibility to tell a patient the reason for taking the medication, the effect of the medication, and the side effects of the medication. Which right is this? Right to know
According to the rights of medication administration, what is the correct procedure prior to administering a medication? Ask the patient to tell you her name and check the label three times
You have been asked to administer a liquid antibiotic to Carrie, a 3-year-old child. Two minutes after giving her the drug, Carrie vomits, and you can see the medication in the vomit. What should you do? Re-administer the entire dose after Carrie becomes calm
Which of the following patients would require special consideration related to drug administration? A 75-year-old gentleman with early Alzheimer's
Intradermal injections are used to administer which of the following? Allergy or TB test
Which of the following drugs is given by Z-track? Imferon
Which method of drug administration requires passing a urinary catheter into the bladder to instill a drug? Urethral
When charting medication administration, which of the following is correct? All chart entries must be factual, accurate, complete, current, organized, and confidential
If the patient has good control of her asthma, her peak flow rate is in the ____, green zone
Which of the following is appropriate when preparing the room and equipment for an electrocardiogram? Select a room in which all electrical equipment is turned off
What artifact would be present for Mr. Potter, a 72-year-old patient who has Parkinson's disease, and what can you do to fix it? Somatic interference; wait until Mr. Potter's tremors subside
The peak flow zone that requires immediate medical treatment is the ____. red zone
Which of the following is a life-threatening dysrhythmia that results in no cardiac output? Ventricular fibrillation
Which of the following results in a flat line on the ECG tracing? Detached/loose wire
Which is an artifact caused use of a body lotion, and the correct solution? Wandering baseline caused by lotion on the skin; re-prep the skin with isopropyl alcohol
Which precordial electrode is located by counting to the fourth intercostal space to the right of the sternum? V1
Which precordial electrode is placed in the fifth intercostal space, where it intersects an imaginary line drawn straight down the middle of the clavicle? V4
Which of the following dysrhythmias is due to a heartbeat originating in the ventricles that occurs early in the cycle and is followed by a pause before the next cycle? PVCs
If a patient is uncomfortable lying flat on the examining table for an ECG test, he can be placed in the ____. Fowler's position
Possible causes for a wandering baseline are ____. poor skin preparation, dangling wire, or breathing movement
Which of these is a component of an acceptable maneuver for spirometry? Minimum of 6 seconds
If a lead does not appear on an ECG tracing, what step should be taken before repeating the tracing? Reconnect the wire
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