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The Prophets

Messages, themes, and more about the prophets

Amos -Wanted to defend the poor - Inconsistency between worship and life
Hosea Against Idolatry and abuses in worship
Micah -Abuse of power by leaders -Jerusalem will be destroyed
First Isaiah MAJOR PROPHET -Greatness of Jerusalem and David's Dynasty
Zephaniah Israel will be glorified, enemies will be defeated etc Warns of darkness for the people who have sinned against the land
Nahum Unusual book; doesn't condemn Israel's sins The Lord of All Nation cares for His people
Habakkuk -Problem of the suffering of the innocent
Jeremiah MAJOR PROPHET The book is written about the prophet's life -There will be a new covenant; law will be written in our hearts.
Lamentations Appendix to Jeremiah Grief, but trust in God.
Baruch Message of hope, comfort, and contrition. Was the secretary to Jeremiah
Ezekiel MAJOR PROPHET prophecy in the form of visions and symbolic actions
Second Isaiah The God of Israel is the Lord of the whole world. First use of the term: Good News
Third Isaiah Deals with sober tones and difficult questions. Prophecies will only be completely fulfilled in Heaven.
Haggai Rebuild the Temple! Put God first!
Zechariah Message of hope The longest of the minor prophets Apocalyptic tone Expectations of the Messiah!
Obadiah God cares for his people and saves them from enemies. Shortest book of the OT. Unique because it doesn't call Israel to conversion.
Joel Call to conversion by learning from mistakes
Jonah Against self-righteous anger God wants all to be saved. A didactic story
Daniel MAJOR PROPHET Speaks to people in time of persecution. (Seleucid) Apocalyptic
Malachi Last book of the Canon OT Elijah will come and prepare the way for the day of the Lord. Has same themes as the others.
Who were the Major Prophets? Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah
Who made this? The one, the only, Jenna Kirk back at it again.
Created by: Jenn_jrk



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