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Unit 1

Ancient Civilizations

What was the main difference between the Nile River & the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers The Nile River flooded at regular intervals whole the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers did not.
What was the earliest system of laws ever recorded Hammurabi's Code
How did the Egyptians view the Pharaoh as a living god
Who were the first people to really promote worshipping only one god (monotheism) Hebrews (Jews)
What was the purpose of the Ten Commandments They provided the civil and religious laws for the Jews
What writing system did the Sumerians invent cuneiform
What writing system did the Egyptians invent hieroglyphics.
What river in India was the focal point for early civilization Indus
What were the causes of the Indus Valley civilization's decline Earthquakes, flooding of rivers, and overuse of the farm land all played a part in the civilization's decline.
What is the name given to the seasonal winds in India Monsoons
What was the Mandate of Heaven It was God's approval or blessing to rule China.
What kind of government did Egypt use during the time of the pharaohs Theocracy
What is the name of the pyramid/tower built in the middle of each city-state in Mesopotamia? ziggurats
What was the name for an Egyptian king pharaoh
Who was the founder of Judaism Abraham
Type of gov't in which rule is based on religious authority Ex) Egypt theocracy
The oldest civilization began here. The word itself means "land between the rivers". Mesopotamia
Seasonal winds in India monsoons
Name for a ruling family in China dynasty
Name given to the approval of the gods for a Chinese dynasty or ruler Mandate of Heaven
Respect for parents in China filial piety
Belief in more than one god polytheism
Belief in one god monotheism
Rivers that Mesopotamia grew up along Tigris and Euphrates
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