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Ancient Rome

A system of government based on rules Constitution
Wealthy families of Rome patrician
Wealthy citizens who controlled foreign policy and government Senate
The majority of working-class Romans plebeians
To stop or cancel an action of government veto
People who are bought and sold as property slaves
Right to veto any law tribune
An open area in a city filled with public buildings, temples and markets forum
The first rulers of Rome kings
Two elected leaders to run the government for one year consuls
Latin word for Republic respublica
Groups of male citizens who passed laws assemblies
Considered the mythic founder of Rome Romulus
Rome lies near the center of the Italian __________________. peninsula
Latin word for Senate senex
Famous slave who led the Spartacus Rebellion in 70 BCE Spartacus
The most powerful people in central Italy when Rome was founded Etruscans
Those who came to the city, especially Rome, in search of work urbanpoor
The basic unit of the Roman army legion
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