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Jude 6th - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Marvelous Greeks

philosopher someone who studies wisdom
Hellens what Greeks call themselves
Ionian, Mediterranean, and Aegean Seas seas that surround Greece on 3 sides
Iliad and Odyssey Homer's poems
Trojan War Greeks vs Trojans
Aphrodite goddess of love
Hecktor famous Trojan prince who was killed
Achilles famous Greek hero
Odysseus famous Greek warrior
city-state city that acts as an independent country
Sparta known for its military
7 age that boys and girls leave home to train
healots people that were captured by the Greeks and forced into slavery
oligarchy political rule by a small group of people
monarchy government ruled by a king or queen
Athens known for its direct democracy
democracy political rule by all of the people governed
citizen someone who belongs to a state and has the rights, privileges, and duties of a freeman
direct democracy a government where every citizen has the right to vote
marathon 26.2 miles
Parthenon great temple dedicated to the goddess Athena
Dorian, Ionian, and Corinthian 3 styles of Greek architecture
comedy and tragedy 2 styles of drama written by the Greeks
Peloponnesian War Athens vs Sparta
dialogue a conversation
Hippocrates known as the father of medicine
Hippocratic Oath oath that doctors take
Alexandria city that Alexander the Great named after himself
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