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MOT 133

Final Review

An Ocular tumor that is the most common malignancy in children is called what? Retinoblastoma
Define referred pain Pain that originates in one place and is felt in another
These bones, lacrimal, maxilla, zygomatic, frontal, sphenoid and ethmoid bones, form what to protect the eyeball? The orbit
What is the correct medical term that describes the sense of smell? Olfaction
_________ detect colors, most abundant in the macula lutea (center) directly in line with the lens. Cones
What is the inner layer of the eyeball? Retina
Name the two visceral sensations Hunger and Thirst
What are the three bones that pick up the vibrations from the tympanic membrane? Malleus, Incus, Stapes
What two structures deal with the body at rest? Utricle and Saccule
Intraocular pressure is the main cause of glaucoma which damages the optic nerve? True
T/F – Macular degeneration can be cured. False
What are the two ways to classify hearing loss? Conductive and Seneorineural
What is it called when the eyes fail to look in the same direction at the same time? Strabismus
What are the two visual fields that are tested in a vision test? Central and Peripheral
What does the outer ear consist of? Pinna (auricle) and the external ear canal
Name the two cavities in the eyeball that contain fluid. Anterior and Posterior
What is the function of the Aqueous fluid? Nourishes the lens and cornea
What are the 3 layers of the eyeball? Sclera (outer), Choroid layer (middle), retina (inner)
In this portion of the eye, the ______ contain no rods or cones. Optic disc
Failure of the auditory bones or the tympanic membrane to conduct vibrations causes what? Conductive hearing loss
___________ stretches across canal & vibrates from sound waves. Tympanic membrane
____________ is the larger cavity in the eyeball that is located between the lens and retina; it contains vitreous humor. Posterior cavity
_________ detect the presence of light and are abundant on the edge of the retina. Rods
If someone complains of ringing or buzzing noises in their ear, they may have what? Tinnitus
Glaucoma is damage to the optic never because of what? Intraocular pressure
What is the cause of seneorineural hearing loss? Impairment of the cochlea or the auditory nerve.
_________ is formed in capillaries in ciliary body & reabsorb by the_____________ Aqueous humor, canal of Schlemm
________________ is the tunnel that leads from the pinna to the middle ear through the temporal bone. External ear canal (external auditory meatus)
____________ a small depression in the macula contains only cones & is the best area for color vision. Fovea
What is a small, painless lump on the margin of the eyelid? Chalazion
What two structures tell your body about information about the position of your body when you are at rest and where are they located? Utricle and Saccule – Semicircular canal
bending of light rays as it passes through one object into another is called? refraction
_____ and ____ provide information about the position of the body at rest. Utricle and Saccule
The anterior cavity is found between what? Back of the cornea and the front of the lens.
What area of the cerebral cortex contains the auditory center? Temporal Lobes
What is the name of the fluid found in the anterior cavity of the eyeball? Aqueous humor
What is the structure that is concerned with equilibrium (balance)? Semicircular canals
What is the medical term for inflammation of a hair follicle of the eyelid? Hordeolum or Stye
What is the name of the diagnostic test used to measure intraocular pressure? Tonometry
Electroretinography is used to measure electric activity of the retina in response to a blast of what? Light
Can we cure macular degeneration? No
Evacuation of the fluid and surgical insertion of a tube into the tympanic membrane for treating otitis media is called what? Myringotomy
If someone complains of dizziness, we call this what? Vertigo
The organ of corti, which is in the cochlea, contains receptors for what sense? Hearing
The Eustachian tube extends from the middle ear to the nasopharynx and does what? Equalizes air pressure
What is the function of the tympanic membrane? Vibrates with sound waves
What structures deal with the body in motion? Semicircular canals
A hordeolum is the medical term for what? Stye
What is the most common malignancy of the eye in children is called what? Retinoblastoma
What is the cause of conductive hearing loss? There is impairment of one of the structures that transmit vibrations (bones or tympanic membrane)
The aqueous humor is formed, by capillaries, in the ______ and is reabsorbed by the _______. Ciliary body and Canal of Schlemm
What is the function of the Vitreous humor fluid? Holds the retina in place.
What portion of the eye detects light? Rods
What is there area called that protects the eyeball, it contains 6 bones of the skull? Orbit
__________extends from middle ear to the nasopharynx and permits air to enter or leave middle ear allowing proper vibration of the eardrum. Eustachian Tube
_________ is the bending or alteration of the direction of the light rays from one object to another. Refraction
Name the portion of the retina, which is located in a small depression of the macula, which only contains cones. Fovea
When the auditory nerve does not transmit, this causes what? Seneorineural hearing loss
The ___________ is located between the front of the lens and the cornea; it contains the aqueous humor (tissue fluid of the eye). Anterior cavity
What is the name of the fluid found in the posterior cavity of the eyeball? Vitreous humor
______ ______ provide information to the brain when the body is in motion. Semicircular canals
What is the blind spot of the retina which contain no rods or cones is called? Optic disc
The Eyeball is contain within and protected by what? The orbit
The posterior cavity is found between what? The back of the lens and the retina
What portion of the eye detects color? Cones
What is the outer layer of the eyeball? Sclera
Does the visceral sensation of Thirst go away? No
Define referred pain Pain that originates in one place and is felt in another
Which visceral sensation will go away if you ignore it? Hunger
What is the middle layer of the eyeball? Choroid layer
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