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HUM#4 Artists etc.

World War II to Contemporary

Louis Armstrong Jazz. Also known as "Satchmo". One of the first musicians to be featured with extended trumpet solos. Also known for his distinctive gravelly singing voice.
Elvis Presley Rock and Roll. White but sounds black enough to be a popular commercial success. "The King"
The Beatles Rock and Roll. Boy band that developed through the ages. John, Paul, George, Ringo
Franz Kafka Modernism. German-Jewish writer.
Marc Chagall Modernism. Jewish. Artist, painter. "the fiddler", "the bride and groom". He worked with war damaged buildings. Stained glass in the chichester cathedral - shared heritage (old tesament). Attempt to heal wounds and bring people together after the war
Sergei Prokofiev Modernism. Wrote "peter and the wolf" to demonstrate how very accessible he could be.
Dmitri Shostakovich Modernism. Parodied the ideas of triumph and centralization "the rejoicing is forced, as if under threat".
Albert Speer Fascist. Architect. Nazi party rally grounds, Nuremberg. Dominating intimidating architecture that made you feel small. Used slave labor
Leni Riefenstahl Fascist. Film maker "triumph of the will"
Marcello Piacentini Fascist. Italian arcitect "epositzione universale europa" for the 1942 world fair (palazzo degli uffici)
Diego Rivera Mexican Mural Movement. "man, controller of the universe". Caused controversy because Lenin was in the painting.
Jean-Paul Sartre Existentialism. French. Key figure in existentialism, as well as in marxism.
Simone de Beauvoir Existentialism. French writer, political activist, and feminist. Feminist existentialism
Albert Camus Existentialism. Awarded a nobel prize in litterature.
Samuel Beckett Existentialism. Irish novelist and playwright
Sylvia Plath Feminism. Poet. Confessional poetry (personal with the use of 'I')
Willem de Kooning Abstract Expressionism. "woman II" "woman III"
Jackson Pollock Action Painting/Abstract Expressionism. You know this guy, he just painted with lines, colors, random stuff
Mark Rothko Color Field Painting. Untitled works. It's basically nothing but color, more blocky
Georgia O’Keefe American Modernism. "rams head, white hollyhock, and little hills", "white trumpet flower" - Flower closeups
Helen Frankenthaler Color Field Painting. More circles and smooth than the other painter
Alexander Calder Mobiles. Non-representational.
Alan Ginsberg “The Beat Generation”. Poet and writer. Post-war
Frida Kahlo Surrealism. "frida and diego", "roots", "two fridas", "self-portrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird"
Jasper Johns Obvious image. Painted the american flag
Claes Oldenburg Pop Art. Sculpture. Large replicas of everyday objects. "floor burger", "apple core", "spoonbridge and cherry"
Andy Warhol Pop Art. "campbells soup" and "Marylin Dyptich"
Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art. One panel of cartoon, we don't know the rest of the story. "whaam!" "drowning girl" "oh jeff, I love you too but..."
Robert Smithson Environmental Art. Spiral Jetty
Donald Judd Minimalism. Sculptures with just like blocks and shelf kind of things
Philip Glass Minimalism. Composer. Music with repetitive structures. Concert hall music. Film "Koyannisqatsi"
John Williams Popular Culture. Composer of a bunch of popular film scores (including star wars, jaws, indianna jones, jurrasic park, harry potter, etc).
Maya Lin Environmental Art. Focus on land and earth art. Like more geographical art kind of.
Renzo Piano Postmodernism. Arcitect. Kinda cool building designs.
Frank Gehry Postmodernism. Architect with cool building designs that seem impossible and they're all wavy and seem to have movement. Stuff you saw in one of the videos we had to watch thanksgiving break. "guggenheim museum"
Robert Venturi Postmodernism. Known for the difficult whole. Las Vegas
Lin-Manuel Miranda Postmodernism. Hip-hop composer. Wrote Hamilton and Moana.
Victor Fleming Hollywood. Director of Wizard of Oz
Steven Spielberg Hollywood. Director of Indiana Jones, Jaws, Jurassic Park, etc.
Christopher Nolan Hollywood. Director best known for Batman
Faith Ringgold Impressionism and cubism. Quilts. Gender and race equality.
Nam June Paik Neo-dada. Video art. "Electronic super highway"
Bill Viola Contemporary art. Video art with nature, fire, and water.
Christo and Jeanne Claude Arte Povera movement. Huge outdoor temporary structures, usually with fabric.
Damien Hirst Contemporary. Controversial artist. Worked with dead animals, polka dots, and skeletons.
Andy Goldsworthy Environmental art. Sculpture and photographer. Works with nature in nature.
Anish Kapoor Neo-expressionism, contemporary art. Large sculptures. "The Bean" in chicago. Lots of red.
Abraham Cruzvillegas Autoconstrucction, autodestruccion - self-construction and destruction. Takes garbage and compiles them into a heap of order or disorder.
Shirin Neshat Contemporary art. Contrasts between men and women, islam and west, etc. Film, video, photography.
David Bradley Modernist. Parodied famous paintings with a Native American twist.
Monster Chetwynd Performance artist. Made handmade (papermache) props. Sculpture in front of a painting.
Nikia Gale Sculpture, film, text, sound. Musical instruments.
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