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LHCA Phlebotomy

Final Exam Prep

Most commonly used vein Median Cubital
Smallest veins in body Venules
Most critical error a phlebotomist can make Not properly identifying the patient
How do you break the chain of infection Wash hands with soap and water
Test normally drawn by respiratory therapist or nurse ABG Arterial Blood Gas
tubes for CBC, Ammonia, PT, Cardiac Enzymes, ABO in proper order Lt blue, red, SST, Gray, Lavender
describes body repairing vein after venipuncture Hemostasis
COC is not maintained for Blood Typing
bevel should always face Upwards
Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Basophils and Lymphocytes Leukocytes
tube vacuum decreases offer Time
Liquid portion of anticoagulated blood Plasma
Minimum clotting time for specimen 30 minutes
Mandates QA programs JCAHO
OSHA required when processing a specimen All PPE to be worn
During Lactic Acid draw Do not use a tourniquet
WIS - you know you are in the vein when Feel a pop, see a flash, blood fills tube
Best way to prevent hematoma Applying pressure
When drawing an ACD + NaFl / K Oxylate + Li Heparin/Thixo + EDTA. What is the correct order of draw? Carb oxyhemoglobin + CBC + FBS + Paternity
3 Different types of blood specimens Serum, plasma, whole blood
It is OK for a tube containing Na Citrate to be 2/3 full False
Max time for tourniquet 1 minute
Post-prandial After a meal
Most be worn during venipuncture Gloves
Cause of Petechiae Tourniquet left on too long or if it is tied too tight
Purpose of Tourniquet Impede venous blood flow causing veins to bulge
ETHOL requires what tube and what special handling? NaFl / K Oxylate and do not clean with alcohol
When does timing for the GTT As soon as patient finishes glucose
Infection transmitted by exchange of bodily fluid Blood borne
PPO After a meal
Proteins on the outside of RBC's are used for Blood typing
Religion is part of a Requistion form False
Correct venipuncture angle 15 - 30 degrees
Major contributing factor reqarding latrogenic Anemia Phlebotomy
After centrifuging, a red top tube yeilds Serum
If you fail to properly identify a patient and they die as a result, you can be charged with manslaughter True
Blood Cultures help to diagnose what Bacteremia
What type of consent is it if a patient extends arm Implied
Bones are classified by Shape
Most dangerous type of allergic reaction Anaphylaxis
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Amylase requires special consideration False
Integumentary systems purpose Protect, Thermoregulate and for Sensation
You should clean your cart or caddy with 10% Bleach Sol.
14 Gauge needle is smaller than a 23 False
Patient complains of Pain shooting up arm, what happened nicked the basilic nerve
Purpose of Anticoagulant To prevent the blood from clotting
Dermal stick should be parallel to fingerprints False (They should be perpendicular)
If patients veins are prone to collapse, you should Use a syringe
Hypertension is High Blood pressure
Dermal sticks should not be performed on Dehydrated Patients
What bottles are used for Blood Cultures Aerobic and Anaerobic
What should you do if Patients refuses Document the refusal on Req form
Where should you place caddy for bedside draw Nightstand beside Patient bed
What should you do if you have a STAT order but patient has visitors? Politely interrupt and explain that it is urgent
Department that perform Blood Cultures Microbiology
STAT Electrolyte panel should be drawn into what tube? Green
If patient experiences syncope during venipuncture, what should you do? Place in a Supine position
Aerobic Microorganism that needs O2 to grow
If a patient is one that experiences Syncope during venipuncture should be place in this position Supine
Which structure in the vein prevents the backflow of blood? Valves
You completed a venipuncture on pediatric Pt who has cried excessively during the draw, you should... Document the crying on the Req
Called to ER to draw CBC + Liver panel + BA from Pt involved in Auto accident and Pt asked what test were ordered...your reply should be You will need to speak with the doctor that ordered the test.
CBC Complete Blood Count
Cardi- Heart
Gastr- Stomach
Arthro- Joint
Hyper- Above or Excessive
Dys- Bad, Difficult, Painful
Pre- Before
-ectomy Surgical Removal
-emia Blood condition
QID 4 times a day
NPO Nothing by Mouth
Red Tube Additive None
Dark Blue Tube Additive Na2 EDTA
Orange Tube Additive Thrombin
Lavender or Pink Tube Additive EDTA
Green Tube Additive Na / Li Heparin
Light Blue Tube Additive Na Citrate
SST Tube Additive T Gel
Yellow Sterile Tube Additive SPS
Brown Tube Additive Na Heparin
Yellow NON-STERILE Tube Additive ACD
Green PST Tube Additive Li Heparin Gel
Gray Tube Additive Na Floride
You should slap a Pt AC if unable to find a vein False
When a Pt is preparing for a fasting Blood draw, it is OK for them to have only water? True
What should you do if you accidentally puncture an artery instead of a vein? Immediately end the draw
P.A.S.S. Pull. Aim. Squeeze. Sweep
Carboxyhemoglobin, FBS, CBC, and Lipid Panel...What is the correct order of draw? SST + PST + Green + Lavender
Dermal Puncture recommended depth for infant 2.0 mm
What is Phlebitis Complication from blood drawn from the same vein
Plasma Fluid portion of blood.
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