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OT historical books

old testament historical book quiz

the historical books were written in... 5th century B.C.
God is still with the... Israelites
who was the successor of moses joshua
( ) lead the ( ) to conquer and settle in the ( ). joshua, israelites, promised land
joshua was a very ( ) person. charismatic
being charismatic means you have an exceptional ability for ( ) leadership
joshua-charismatice person- had a ( ) gift that was inspired ( ) divine,spiritually
The ( ) must transform themselves from a ( ) semi-nomatic people into a ( ) people israelites, wondering, civilized
the minor and major judges were ( ) leaders charismatic
the judges main purpose was to .... rescue israel from the enemy
minor or major-had only a few incidences associated with them minor
minor or major-well known for their greatness in battle major
heathen pagan
the main canaanite god baal
baal worship is associated with ( ),( ), and ( ) immortality, child sacrifice, and pagan rituals
baal is is ( ) to the one true God. offensive
the ( ) people often committed ( ) by worshiping this god. Hebrew, idolatry
a person who came before one in a family line... ancestor
one who descends form another individual, an offspring... descendants
a sacred, holy place as the part of a church... sanctuary
the ( ) in the early years continued to grow and be blessed dynasty
the ( ) were prosperous people as ( ) had promised. israelites, God
but the israelites didnt remain ( ) to God faithful
3 things the israelites did against God -failed to keep his covenant-followed pagan gods-kings following david and solomon were in turmoil
what are the 7 books not found in the bible or the hebrew bible? 1.-tobit2.-judah3.-1 maccabees4.-2 maccabees5.-wisdom6.-sirach7.-baruch
these 7 books came to the ( ) bible with the ( ). catholic, septuagint
pre christian greek translation of the old testament septuagint
the ( ) is older than the ( ). hebrew bible, septuagint
catholic church accepts these 7 books(3 reasons why) 1.-the apostles and the new testament writers used some of these books2.-the catholic church accepted these books3.-christian artwork (for describing the stories from the books)
one woman/ multiple women that belong to one man concubine
explain the sin of david? david liked bathsheba, she is married to uriah. uriah is in the military and david knows him. bathsheba becomes pregnant by david.
explain te meaning of david parable? about david having sexual relations with bathsheba. david takes uriah to the battle field and he ends up getting killed
what was davids punishment? his son dies
what was amnons crime? he rapes his sister tamar.
explain the story of absalom? he gives orders to kill his brother because of what he did to his sister.
what happens to absalom? he dies after trying to take over davids kingdom
the ( ) of the lord appeared to a woman who was barren and would soon have in her ( ) a son ( ) to God. angel, womb, consecrated
the mother of the child was not to ( ) of strong wine or eat ( ) food. drink, unclean
the name of this child was ( ) samson
he was a ( ) because he belonged to the lord and he was not to cut his hair or drink of strong wine or unclean food. nazarite
he married twice. his ( ) wife deliah deiscovered that his strength came from his ( ) and she had someone cut it while he ( ) second, hair, slept
she abused samson. on the day he died, he pushed on two columns and put to death many ( ). philistines
and for more than 20 years he judged over the ( ) israelites
successor to moses joshua
enemy of the israelites philistines
written about the 5th b.c. historical books
a common law wife concubine
the judges main duty to rescue israel from the enemy
harlot who saved the spies rahab
samuel and samson were both nazarites
Created by: darrl
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