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Geography Test 3

What is the main product exported from the Arabian Peninsula? Oil
What continent is considered the birthplace of Western Civilization? Europe
What tiny European country is the world's smallest independent state? Vatican City
What are the four major political divisions of the United Kingdom? Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England
What city do both Muslims and Jews claim as a holy city? Jerusalem
On what parallel were North and South Korea divided? 38th parallel
What plateau is known as the "roof of the world?" Plateau of Tibet
What body of water separates Great Britain from continental Europe? English Channel
What narrow body of water separates the Iberian Peninsula from North Africa? Straight of Gibraltar
What country is spread over the thousands of islands in the Malay Archipelago? Indonesia
The largest city in the world (in population) is . . . Tokyo
The highest peak in Europe is . . . Mount Elbrus
Baghdad is the capital of . . . Iraq
A . . . is a narrow strip of land that connects two landmasses. isthmus
What area is know as the "Cradle of Civilization?" The Fertile Crescent
Capital of Greece Athens
Capital of Russia Moscow
Capital of Spain Madrid
About 1/4 of the land of . . . is polder, land that has been taken from the sea by using dams, dikes, and windmills to drain the water. The Netherlands
In which German city did the Communists build a wall to keep people from escaping to freedom? Berlin
Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan were once under the control of the . . . but are considered independent republics today. Soviet Union
Estonia, Latvia, and . . . are called the Baltic States Lithuania
The world's largest peninsula is . . . Arabian Peninsula
The most accurate display of the earth's features, showing correct shapes, sizes, and locations, is a . . . Globe
What occupies the Jutland Peninsula? Denmark
Indian society is based on the . . ., a strict division of social classes. Caste System
What is the world's oldest republic? San Marino
Who is a person skilled in displaying geographic information on maps and globes? Cartographer
What is known as the Emerald Isle? Ireland
Created by: Muddee
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