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WTC Phlebotomy Vocab

Vocab # 2 61-85

sepsis bacterial infection
standard precautions infection control method that uses barrier protection and work control practices to prevent direct skin contact with blood, other body fluids, and tissues from other people
vector carrier of disease
alternate site testing AST- performance of analytic tests immediately after obtaining a sample
ancillary blood glucose test bedside test to determine blood glucose level, performed by dermal puncture
cardiac troponin (cardiac TnT) part of a protein complex in cardiac muscle that aids the interaction of actin and myosin; elevated heart attack
POCT point of care testing- performance of analytic tests immediately after obtaining a sample; also called alternate site testing
rapid group A streptococcus test for the rapid detection of group A streptococcus bacteria
continuous quality improvement CQI- goal of total quality management
delta check quality assurance procedure that helps discover identification errors by comparing previous patient results with current results
preanlytic variables variable that occurs before performing analysis of the specimen
procedure manual book that contains protocol and other information about all the tests performed in the lab, including the principal behind the test, purpose of performing it, specimen type the test requires, collection method, and equipment and supplies required
quality assurance QA - set of methods used to guarantee quality patient care
quality control QC- quantitative methods used to monitor the quality of prodecures
quality phlebotomy set of policies and procedures designed to ensure the deliver of consistently high quality patient care and specimen analysis
total quality management TQM- entire set of approaches used by an institution to provide customer satisfaction
standard of care consensus of medical opinion on patient care
civil action a suit in civil court
criminal action a charge of criminal conduct; contrast with civil action
damages monetary compensation for pain, suffering, and legal costs
event report prompt and complete documentation of the circumstances of an incident
liable to be legally responsible for and action or inaction
malpractice delivery of substandard care that results in harm to a patient
negligence failure to perform an action consistent with the accepted standard of care
protected health information PHI- any part of a patients health information that is linked to information that identifies the patient
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