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WTC Phlebotomy Vocab

Vocab # 2 21-40

occult blood specimen fecal specimen for detection of blood in the stool
suprapubic aspiration sample collected via a needle inserted through the abdominal wall into the bladder
timed specimen series of samples often collected over 24 hours and combined to provide a single, large specimen
accession number unique identifying number used for cataloging a sample in the labratory
aerosol mist of droplets
aliquots portion of a sample
analytes substance being analyzed
centrifuge separation of components of a sample based on density by using a machine that spins a sample at a very high speed
pneumatic tube system sample transport system in which samples are carried in a sealed container within a network of tubes
allergic contact dermatitis allergic reaction following skin contact with an allergen
anaphylaxis severe immune reaction in which the airways may swell and blood pressure may fall
cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR emergency manual means to maintain breathing and circulation
chemical hygiene plan plan that describes all safety procedures, special precautions , an emergency procedures used when working with chemicals
Department of transportation label DOT label indicating the type of hazard, the United Nations hazard class number, and a specific identifying number
latex sensitivity response to latex proteins in gloves and other medical equipment that usually leads to contact dermatitis
NFPA label National Fire Protection Association- label that warns fire fighters of the location of hazardous materials in the event of a fire
OSHA Organization Safety and Health Administration- responsible for regulations governing workplace safety
SDS safety data sheet- sheet that provides information on the chemical, its hazards, and procedures for cleanup and first aid
Sharps needles, lancets, broken glass, and other sharp items
Airborne infection isolation precautions that are used with patients known or suspected to have serious illnesses transmitted by airborne droplet nuclei
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