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WTC Phlebotomy Vocab

Vocab # 1 41-56

diurnal variation normal daily fluctuations in body chemistry related to hormonal cycles, sleep-wake cycles, and other regular patterns of change
therapeutic drug monitoring TDM timed specimens that are tested for levels of a medication
therapeutic phlebotomy removal of blood from a patients system as part of the treatment for a disorder
blood cultures BC test for the presence of microorganisms in the blood
aerobic bacteria bacteria that need oxygen
anaerobic bacteria bacteria that live without oxygen
sepsis bacterial infection
bacteremia blood infection by a bacterium
agglutination sticking together
chain of custody COC protocol that ensures the sample is always in the custody of a person legally entrusted to be in control of it
peak level highest serum level of a drug
trough level lowest serum level of a drug
gestational diabetes a condition of elevated glucose in the blood during pregnancy
glucose tolerance test GTT test for both diabetes mellitus and other disorders of carbohydrate metabolism
hyperglycemia high level of blood sugar (glucose)
hypoglycemia low level of blood sugar (glucose)
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