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Revolution it is when it is a overthrow of a government or other ruling parties and it is mostly for a new system. The French started a revolution against the king and the queen of France at that time. It is a sudden, extreme, or complete change.
King Louis XVI 🤴🏻 he was the last king of France. He was making the people suffer and soon the the french people started a rebellion against him and his wife. Soon after they were both executed.
Popular Sovereignty When it is ruled by the people like democracy and when majority thinks it is right also it is when the people has the power to do what they want. The French overthrew the king and queens of France because they didn't like the way they are running things.
Inalienable rights They are rights that can not be taken away by anyone else. The people started the revolution because they believed that king Louis is not giving them these rights.
Jacobins They were the most ratical and brutalist poltical group. They killed everyone who had royal blood and they killed the enimies of the war. Also they believed in equlity and fredom for people. They were the people who ruled after the king and queen died.
Napolean Bonaparte He was the military leader who rose after the revolution and he was the emperor after the revolution.Took over a lot of countries and he made the empire great again. Even thought he has declared him self a emperor.
Reign of Terror It is when it was a really brutal part of french history when the Jacobins killed anyone who was a suspect of their enemies from the revolution. The ruler was a guy called Robespierre and the time ended when the Jacobins killed him.
3 criteria to make a revolution 1 1. Upset with status quo It is when the people are mad at the status quo and they want a change 2. Has a plan for change The people show a plan that is better than the old status quo.
3 criteria to make a revolution 2 3.Plan put in action it is when the plan is put in action and the people will see if it will work. if an event didn't meet the criteria it turns into a rebellion.
3 criteria to make a revolution 3 The French were mad at the kingdom of france and that is what started the revolution. They sent a constitution to king Louis for some changes to the govenrment. He accepted it and he tried it out for a year, but the Jacobins came and made something like
Tragic Necessities. it is when something has to happen for the good, but there will be negative consequences. They had to kill Louis son to end his blood line and it is for the greater good.
Third Estate it is part of the three estates and it is made up of mostly peasents. This estate was mad at the other two estates because they didn't let them rule the government with them and the other two estates were being unfair to them.
Versailles it is in France and it was the city where King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette lived until they got kicked out by the people.
Bastile it was a prison in France until angry mobs came and stole all the weapons by breaking all the walls and this event is a national holiday.
Enlightenment age It was an age where there were many famous philosophers. It is also when ideas dominated the world about science. Also during the French revolution it made the citizens question the government.
Guillotine it is a device that chops off the persons head and this was widely used in the french revolution. They killed King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette by that.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau He was a philosopher and he lived between 1712-1778. He was best remembered for spreading the englightment. He was also had a big role in the period of enlightenment. he wrote negatively about the king.
True colors it describe how closely you aline with one of the four major personality types. The true colors can come into the french revolution by historical perspective. One example is that the third estate is the color orange because they are brave.
Blue people are mostly emotional and empathetic to others and they the base their decisions on the well being of others. Others may see this person as mushy and too nice.
Gold people are independent and they prefer to lead others than to be led. They base their decisons of efficiency and practaclity. event thought they have good charcatericas others may see them as controlling, boring, and bossy.
Orange The people who are orange are the most out going and flexiable. They are hard to control and base their decisons by enjoying. Others might see them as uncontrolable and irresponsible.
Green The people who are green are really smart and rational. They can be creative, but insesitive to others. They base their decisons on what they think is right. Even thought they are smart others might see them as a snob and an arrogant person.
Pre industrial revolution Before the revolution it was like this... 1. Farming was essential to them 2. They started to question a lot of stuff 3. Government and religon was controlling the place 4. Printing press helped spread ideas
Industrial revolution The period from the late 1700's to the early 1900's when significant advances were made in technology and automation. Even thought it has helped the economy it had a lot of trade-off like making kids work and that resluts to child labor.
1st phase of the industrial revolution 1. During 1770-1870 in Great Brtian they centered on steam power and a shift from agriculture.
2nd phase of the industrial revolution 2. During 1870-1914 in the United States developed new technologies like electricity, oil, and cheap steel.
Benefits of the industrial revoltion A few Benefits were... 1. There were many new inventions (like electricty) 2. Big improvment in the economy 3. Pay has incresed 4. More travel to other places 5. Diesease are controlled 6. Philanthropy from people
Non-benefits of the industrial revoltion A few Non-Benefits were... 1. Child Labor was used so no children were going to school 2. Life span back then was 30 years old 3. Polution from factories 4. Making lower class lives hard
Watershed Moment it is when it is a turning point in social life for the people. The Enlightment age made the people think differntly about the government.
Indulgence The Indulgence is a document was given by the pope that forgave a person from all the sins and bad things they have commited through their lives.
Martin Luther Martin Luther was a man who was a prists and he started to question the Chatholic Church. He made the 95 Theses listing all of his complaints.
Protestant Reformation The Protestant Reformation is a religon revolution for the Catholic Church to be corrupt and making them stop ruling them.
Catholic Reformation It is when Catholic leaders knew that thye needed changes have to happen in the Catholic Church so they found a spot to spread Protestantism.
Complaints against Catholic Church 1 Some complaints the people had against Catholic Church are... 1. Many people thought that the church is gettign rich by not paying taxes 2. Many people did not like the ways the church is getting money
Complaints against Catholic Church 2 3. The church officals are not focussing on their jobs and they are focussing on politics
95 Theses The 95 Theses are the list of complaints that Martin Luther had against the church and it has 95 complaints about the church.
Scientific revolution The Scientific revoltion is a revolution that lasted between 1540-1700 in Europe. In this period there were many major astronomical, physical, and biological discoveries that soon in the future help the world.
Scientific method Scientific method is a serious of steps that can make reliable experimets. Here are the steps... 1. Think about problem and make a question to answer 2. Research or provide previous knowlage 3. Come up with a hypothesis 4. Conduct an experiment
Scientific method steps continued 5. Collect and analyze data 6. Develop conclusion 7. Further questioning In the Scientific revolution they used the sceintific metod to experiment with stuff.
Nicolaus Copernicus Nicolaus Copernicus was a was a Polish astronomer he published a book called On the Revolution of the Celestial Spheres this book contradicted Ptolemy ideas on the world. Also he thought that all the planets and the sun revolves around the earth.
Galileo Galilei Galileo Galilei is an Italien astronomer that contridicted Copernicus. He was also the first people to study with a telescope. His theory was the planets revolve around the sun.
Sir Issac Newton Sir Issac Newton was a English scientist published a book called Principia Mathematica in 1687. In that book it stated may of his theories and they soon became laws. His most famous one is the law of gravity .
arab spring The arab spring is a period when there was series of anti-government protests and rebellions that took place in many countries in the middle east and northern african countries. This period lasted 2010 - present day.
Goals of the Arab Spring few goals for the Arab spring is.... 1. The first goal is the people want to gain a democratic type government where the people have rights to speak. 2. They want a fairer economy and judicial systems
Refugee A refugee is a person that is going out of their country because something bad happened to their country. In tne arab spring many people are seeking refuge because of the protest and the bad things that are happening to them.
Mohamed Bouazizi Mohamed Bouazizi is a street vendor who set him self on fire because the government confiscated his food cart and he that is where he gets all of the money to feed his family and he lit himself on fire. This is what sparked the arab spring.
Adam Smith Adam Smith was a man who lived from 1723-1790 and he is the founder of modern economics. He wrote a book called “The Wealth of Nations” and in it has few restrictions placed on business activities and many more things.
Catalyst Something that will quickly start up a event.
1st estate The first estate is the estate where it is mostly made up of the clergy.
2nd estate The second estate is the estate where it is mostly made up of nobels
Indulgences Indulgences are when you pay for a ticket and you will get forgaven from your sins or bad things that person did.
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