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EJNT Ch 2 vocabulary

EJNT Chapter 2 vocabulary

Gentiles A term for non-Jews.
Abba An Aramaic term of endearment meaning "dad." Jesus used this word to teach that God is a loving Father.
Apocalypse Meaning "revelation" or "unveiling." This kind of writing usually written in times of crisis, used highly symbolic language to bolster faith by reassuring believers that the current age, subject to evil, will end when God intervenes.
Pentateuch The name for the first five books of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. It contains Torah.
Torah The Law or divine teaching revealed to Judaism. It is the foundation of the Jewish religion & is found in the Pentateuch.
Angels God's messengers, created beings that possess free will and intelligence but who are pure spirits, without bodies.
Ark of the Covenant The portable shrine built to hold the tablets on which Moses wrote the Law. It was the sign of God's presence to the Israelites. King Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem to house it.
Sanhedrin The seventy-one member supreme legislative and judicial body of the Jewish people. Many of its members were Sadducees.
Hasmonean Dynasty Descendants of the Maccabees who ruled in Judea after the ousting of the last of the Syrians in 141 BC until the establishment of the Roman authority in 63 BC. John Hycanus was the firs ruler and ruled until 128 BC.
Dead Sea Scrolls Ancient writings containing the oldest known manuscripts of the books of the Old Testament in Hebrew. They were unearthed near Qumran between 1947 & 1953.
Qumran An ancient Essene monastery on the northwestern shore of the Dead Sea.
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