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Know Your Prayers?


"In the name of the Father...." This prayer is known as The Sign of the Cross
10 Hail Mary's are called a Decade
Recite the "Glory Be" Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. Amen
"The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary" is part of what prayer? The Angelus
Remember, O most glorious Virgin Mary is known as what Memorare
What is also known as the Doxology Glory be
What prayer did Jesus teach his apostles? Our Father
"O my Jesus forgive us from our sins" is the beginning of which prayer? Fatima Prayer
The Our Father is also known as ... The Lords prayer
Famous Mary prayer Hail Mary
This is said before people eat their meals Grace before meals
What prayer is said at mid-day? The Angelus
In what prayer do we say " as it was in the beginning, is now " Glory Be To The Father
Which prayer starts with "We believe in one God, The Father" ? Nicene Creed
Name the prayer which is an early statement of Christian belief Apostle's Creed
What prayer is "My God, I am sorry for my sins" from Act of Contrition
Sincere sorrow for having offended God and hatred for the sins we have committed with firm purpose of sinning no more Penitential Rite
The first movement before saying a prayer Sign of the Cross
Who wrote the Angelus Pope Urban II
I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord. What prayer is this? The Apostle's Creed
What is the name of the main candle at church? Paschal Candle
What colour represents royalty? Purple
What season follows Christmastime? Ordinary time
Name the section of the Mass which is the beginning? Introductory Rite
What season follows Lent? Easter
Name the table at the front of the church? Altar
What section of the Bible is the Gospel from? New Testament
What colour does the priest wear in advent? Purple
What section of the Mass do we listen to the scriptural readings? Liturgy of the Word
What prayer is a summary of our beliefs? Apostles' Creed or Nicene Creed
At Mass, the bread and wine are changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus. This is known as the? Consecration
What is the feast of the Epiphany? Celebrating when the 3 wise men visited the baby Jesus.
Name the three categories of feast days Solemnity, Feast and Memorial
Who was the prophet who prepared the way for Jesus' coming? John the Baptist
What is the first season of the Church year? Advent
What is the longest season in the church year? Ordinary time
What is the shortest season in the church year? Pentecost
What colour is worn by the priest during Easter? White
"Do this in memory of me" was said and by who? Jesus at the Last Supper
What type of feast day is Easter Sunday? Solemnity
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