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Theo Ch. 6

The prophet__warned Israel about the negative long-term consequences of having a king. Samuel
True or False. The monarchs Saul, David, and Solomon are among the most revered heroes of the Old Testament. True
What were three positive aspects of the monarchy in Israel's history? > Israel becomes a nation with central leadership > The temple was built in Jerusalem > the Messiah will be a descendant of David
One of King David's failings was his romantic and illicit affair with__during which he abused his powers and made sure her husband was killed in battle to cover his sin. Bathsheba
__was considered a righteous king because of his determination to purify the religion of the state and return it to a faith more__to Yahweh. Josiah, devoted
List five pagan Canaanite religious practices mentioned in the reading. > had offerings in temples > images of their gods > do believe in the stars > sexual rites > human sacrifice
The two books of__form a unified historical work that represents a "re-thinking" of Israelite history, written a few hundred years later than the books of Samuel and Kings. Chronicles
From texts discovered in the ancient capital city of Ugarit, we learned that__was the god of fertility. Baal
The social dynamics of 1200-1000BC Palestine included complex interactions between traditional__settlements, newly emerging Israelite settlements, and__settlements. Canaanite, Philistine
__, from te family of Benjamin, was selected as the first king of Israel. Saul
The prophet__was told by the Lord that Saul was the man to govern His people. Samuel
Saul "reigned" over a loosely knit organization of__and people who were mostly__, and who probably amounted to no more that 100 people. tribes, farmers
Saul was essentially a__with limited success against the Philistines. warrior
Eventually, Saul's__ to Yahweh and the charismatic rise of one of his assistants,__, led to the anointing of Israel's greatest and most well-known king. unfaithfulness, David
David was the__son of Jesse; he tended__. youngest, sheep
What are the two different versions of how David came into Saul's employment? > David becomes Saul's armor-bearer > David comes to Saul after killing Goliath -represented as conquering hero
David's oath to the throne is clearly paved in__. He systematically eliminates rivals to the throne from the family of__and engages in military conquests against the Philistines as well as the political communities across the Jordan River. blood, Saul
True or False. There is very little archaeological evidence of David's kingdom or mention of its existence outside of the Bible. True
The Second Book of Samuel records a central__made to David by the Lord. In the seventh chapter, God promises David that he will give him rest from his enemies and will establish descendants for him which will endure__. promise, forever
The prophecy in 2 Samuel 7 is the basis for the Jewish belief of a __, a son of David, which would eventually be fulfilled by__ and recorded in the genealogies of Luke and Matthew in their respective gospels. Messiah, Jesus
True or False. There is considerable archaeological evidence of King Solomon's role as an administrator of a united kingdom. True
Solomon built up the city of Jerusalem including a palace and the__, as well as many other walled cities as military fortresses. Temple
What was the source of Solomon's downfall? Why was this problematic? > he allowed to foster polytheistic religious practices among the Israelite(pagan women) > Solomon engaged in political marriages
Solomon was succeed by his son__. Rehoboam/southern kingdom/Judah
Forming a separate state under a new king named__. Jeroboam/northern kingdom/Israel
David wished to build a temple for the Ark of the Covenant. But the Lord told him through the prophet__ that such a place was unnecessary. Nathan
When Israel divided into two separate kingdoms the southern kingdom was called "__" and consisted of the territory of the two tribes: __and__. Judah, Benjamin and Judah
At the same time, the northern kingdom was called "__" and was made up of the other 10 tribes. Israel
__kings considered themselves the legitimate rulers because their ancestors could be traced to Kind David. Judah's
The story of the divided monarchy is told in the books of__. 1 and 2 Kings
Jeroboam feared the reunification of Judah and Israel through continued worship at the Temple in Jerusalem. Consequently, he built temples in the northern cities of__ and __ and appointed priests who were not__. Dan and Bethel, Levites
By the year__B.C. the Assyrian Empire had conquered all of the northern kingdom. 722
The major conflict between the two kingdoms was over a form of Yahweh worship that allowed the worship of__in addition to Yahweh as opposed to a more prophetically inspired form of worship that was exclusively devoted to Yahweh. lesser gods
Those who believed Yahweh alone was God were represented by the__seemed to have had a more radical orientation of the Law of Moses. prophets
They supported a community where the rich shared with the__, where social balance was maintained, where__ was practiced, and where the land was distributed__ to all. poor, justice, fairly
What is an "Establishment Religion?" -a religion that tends to support the power of the ruling class over the common people
The Assyrians deported the__ and the elite of the captured society and exiled them elsewhere in order to crush and__ before it even got started. upper class, revolt
Those exiled by the Assyrians are often referred to as the "___". Ten Lost Tribes of Israel
The Assyrians kept the majority of the population in place to__ the land and provide wealth for the new Assyrians. work
A famous tunnel known as the___ Tunnel still exists in Jerusalem today from the time when this king provided fresh__ to the people in the city during a siege by the Assyrian King Sargon. Hezekiah, water
True or False. The Assyrian siege of Jerusalem is one of the rare occasions when an event in the Bible was covered both by the Bible, and by another non-biblical source. True
Eventually, a young Babylonian prince named__ defeated both the Assyrian and the Egyptian forces in battles north of Palestine in 609 and 605BC. Nebuchadnezzar
Although Nebuchadnezzar named "___" to rule Jerusalem when he defeated the city in 597, his loyalty to the Babylonian king was short lived. He was persuaded by Egyptian agents to attempt a revolt against Babylon. Zedekiah
The result was catastrophic as___ forces returned to___ in 587 or 586 and devastated it. Nebuchadnezzar's, Jerusalem
The years that followed the devastation and exile were marked by a reorientation in the way the Jews kept their part of the___ with God. covenant
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