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human geo test 5

What kind of countries have more languages? Underdeveloped countries have more languages.
How many languages are there in the world ? 6800 languages.
What is the most important transmitter of culture? Language is the most transmitter of culture.
True or False: Language has a stronger impact on the culture of a society than religion. True, but religions have an affect on all facets of a society.
What language have the most native speakers compared to any other language? What is 2nd ? Madrin is first, and English is second.
True or False: Indo-European language family makes up about one-half the speakers of the world. True.
Give some examples of Non Indo-European languages. Bask, Finnish, Estonian, and Hungarian.
What is the classification of languages by orgin and historical relationship called? Genetic classification. (EX- German is like English)
Hindu and what other language are considered the same just written in different scripts ? Urdu.
Indo-European languages originated where ? Eastern Europe and the Ukrainian Steppe.
Give examples of Indo European languages. Hindi, English,and Celtic.
The spread of language may reflect what two things ? Expansion diffusion and acculturation.
The spread of languages can happen through what ? Hierarchical and relocation diffusion.
When does hierarchical diffusion occurs when ? When a language represents control or prestige. (EX 18th and 9th century India)
True or False: Language spread happens more commonly forced than on a voluntary basis. False.
How many Native American language families spoken in North America at the time of European contact ? 9 or 10 and over 300 distinct languages.
What language dominates the island of south east Asia. Mayalo-Polynesian family.
Modern English can be traced back to what dialect ? Northern Europe proto-Germanic dialects.
What was the language of the courts and nobility in England between the 11th and 14th century ? French, in 1066-1254.
People who speak a common language are members of what ? A speech community.
The fact that standard French is based on the dialect of the Paris region shows us what ? That the standard language is often connected to a capital or influential area.
What is the difference between a pidgin and a creole ? A Creole becomes a distinctive first language of a society.
The use of English in Nigeria is an example of what ? A Lingua Franca.
What is a Lingua Franca ? An established language used habitually for communication by people whose native tongues are mutually incomprehensible.
What is the main language of the province of Quebec? French.
What was the primary reason for the partition of the Indian subcontinent? It was due to regional religious animosities.
What is the largest ethnic religion? Hinduism with 14%.
Secularism is what ? Taking on an increasing role in many societies.
What do universalizing religions claim ? Applicability to all and seek to gain new converts.
What is a more specific way to describe someone looking for new converts? Evangelical.
The establishment of the state of Israel represents what ? The return of a dispersed religion to its hearth region.
What was the separation in the Christian religion ? Catholic church established in the west and Orthodox established in the east.
What was the protestant reformation created a split between what two groups ? Protestant and Catholics.
The spread of Islam to Indonesia and the U.S. is an example of what ? Relocation diffusion.
How many of Indonesians are Muslims ? 85%.
True or False: Christianity and Buddhism are no longer the dominant faith in the region that they originated. True.
What is the worlds oldest religion ? Hinduism (over 4000 years old).
The Mosque is the focal point of what community ? Muslim.
Where did Buddhism originate ? Northern India.
Where did Christianity and Islam originate ? The Near East.
Created by: wudupkeilani
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