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Hebrews 7-8

L2L Study Questions Hebrews 7-8

According to Hebrews 8:1, where is Jesus now seated as High Priest? At the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens
According to Hebrews 8:2, what did the Lord erect? The true tabernacle
According to Hebrews 8:3, what is a high priest appointed to do? Offer both gifts and sacrifices
According to Hebrews 8:4, why would Jesus NOT be a priest if He were on earth? Because there are priests who offer the gifts according to the law
According to Hebrews 8:5, how was Moses to make the tabernacle? According to the pattern shown on the mountain
According to Hebrews 8:6, in what way did Jesus obtain a more excellent ministry? Because it was established on better promises
According to Hebrews 8:7, why was a second covenant sought? Because the first was not faultless
According to Hebrews 8:8, with which houses will the Lord make a new covenant? Israel and Judah
According to Hebrews 8:9, why did the Lord make a new covenant? Because Israel did not continue in His covenant
According to Hebrews 8:10, where will the Lord put his new covenant? In their minds and written on their hearts
According to Hebrews 8:11, why shall the Lord’s people no longer teach their neighbor and brother? Because they will all know the Lord
According to Hebrews 8:12, what will the Lord remember no more? Their sins and lawless deeds
According to Hebrews 8:13, what happened when He said “A new covenant”? He made the first covenant obsolete
According to Hebrews 7:1, who met Melchizedek after the slaughter of the kings? Abraham
According to Hebrews 7:1, who was Melchizedek? Priest of the Most High God
According to Hebrews 7:2, how much did Abraham give to Melchizedek? A tenth part of all
According to Hebrews 7:2, which of the following describes Melchizedek? All of the above
According to Hebrews 7:3, Melchizedek was without what? All of above
According to Hebrews 7:3, how long did Melchizedek remain a priest? Continually
According to Hebrews 7:3, who was Melchizedek compared to? The Son of God
According to Hebrews 7:4, who gave Melchizedek a tenth of the spoils? Abraham
According to Hebrews 7:5, what is the commandment given to the sons of Levi? To receive tithes from the people
According to Hebrews 7:5, from whose loins were these priests descended? Abraham
Hebrews 7:5 states that the sons of Levi receive what? The priesthood
According to Hebrews 7:6, who received the tithes from Abraham? He whose genealogy is not derived from them
According to Hebrews 7:7, which of the following is true? The lesser is blessed by the better
According to Hebrews 7:8, what type of men receive tithes? Mortal
According to Hebrews 7:9, who received tithes? Abraham
According to Hebrews 7:9, Levi paid tithes through whom? Abraham
According to Hebrews 7:10, where was Levi when Melchizedek met him? In the loins of his father
According to Hebrews 7:10, who did Levi meet while still in the loins of his father? Melchizedek
According to Hebrews 7:11, there would have been no need for another priest according to the order of Melchizedek if what were achieved through the Levitical priesthood? A. Perfection
According to Hebrews 7:11, what did the people receive under the Levitical priesthood? The law
According to Hebrew 7:12, when there is a change in the priesthood, what else must change? The law
According to Hebrews 7:13, the one of whom these things are spoken belonged to what? Another tribe
According to Hebrews 7:13, at what has no man from another tribe officiated? At the altar
According to Hebrews 7:14, our Lord arose from what tribe? Judah
According to Hebrews 7:14, Moses spoke nothing of the tribe of Judah concerning what? The priesthood
According to Hebrews 7:15, in whose likeness would it be far more evident for a priest to arise? Melchizedek
According to Hebrews 7:15-16, there arises another priest not according to what? The law of a fleshly commandment
According to Hebrews 7:15-16, there arises another priest according to what? The power of an endless life
According to Hebrews 7:17, how long will He be a priest? Forever
According to Hebrews 7:17, He will be a priest according to the order of which of the following? Melchizedek
According to Hebrews 7:18, what is annulled? The former commandment
According to Hebrews 7:18, why was the former commandment annulled? Weakness and unprofitableness
According to Hebrews 7:19, what is true of the law? The law made nothing perfect
According to Hebrews 7:19, what is brought in through which we draw near to God? A better hope
According to Hebrews 7:20, He was not made priest without what? An oath
According to Hebrews 7:21, the Lord has sworn and will not what? Relent
According to Hebrews 7:21, how long will He be a priest according to the order of Melchizedek? Forever
According to Hebrews 7:22, Jesus has become a surety of what? A better covenant
According to Hebrews 7:23, what prevented the many priests who were before Jesus from continuing? Death
According to Hebrews 7:24, because Jesus continues forever, His priesthood is what? Unchangeable
According to Hebrews 7:25, what is Jesus able to do to those who come to God through Him? Save to the uttermost
According to Hebrews 7:25, Jesus always lives to do what for those who come to God through Him? Make intercession
According to Hebrews 7:26, a High Priest such as Jesus is described as? All of the above
According to Hebrews 7:26, a High Priest such as Jesus is higher than what? The heavens
According to Hebrews 7:27, what does Jesus not need to do daily, as other high priests had to do? Offer up sacrifices
According to Hebrews 7:27, what did Jesus do once for all the people’s sins? Offered up Himself
According to Hebrews 7:28, who did the law appoint as high priests? Men who have weakness
According to Hebrews 7:28, who did the word of the oath appoint as a High Priest? The Son who has been perfected forever



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