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Nursing Arts

Nursing Arts Classification of Physicians & Specialties

Treatment of disease & injury with active interventions. Graduates hold a degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD) Allopathic Physician
A therapeutic approach to the practice of medicine but places greater emphasis on relations between organs & the musculo-skeletal. Grads hold degree(DO). Osteopathic Physician
Study of the anyibody antigen reaction that produces pathological symptoms when exposed to otherwise harmless substances. Allergist
Study of the pharmacology, use, effects & functions of drugs which cause absence of sensation & care of pt under anesthesia. Anesthesiologist
Study of the heart & its' function. Cardiologist
Branch of medicine which deals with diseases of the skin. Dermatologist
Study of glands & their internal secretions and their internal secretions & their phyiologic & pathologic relations. Endocrinologist
Study of the diseases of the alimentary track from mouth to anus & whats in between. Gastroenterologist
Branch of medcine dealing with female diseases. Gynecologist
Doctor hat studies the diseases of the internal organs. Internist
Specialist in the study of the eye and its' diseases. Ophthalmologist
Specialist in the science of prevention, diagnosis, & treatment of diseaes of the musculo-skeletal system. Orthopedist
Specialist in the branch of medicine which deals with diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. Otorhinolaryngologist
Specialist in the scientific study of the alterations in blood & diseases they produce. Pathologist
Specialist in the study of medicine dealing with problems & diseases of young children. Pediatrician
Specialist in the branch of medicine dealing with pregnancy, labor & birth of babies. Obstetrician
Specialist in the study of the nervous system. Neurologist
Specialist of medicine that studies emotional illness & mental disorders. Can give meds. Psychiatrist
Specialist in the study of mental processes & behavior; often includes psychologic testing. Psychologist
Specialist in the study of the uses of radiant energy (x-ray) in the diagnosis & treatment of disease Radiologist
Specialist in the branch of medicine which treats disease by operative methods. Surgeon
Specialist in medicine dealing with the urinary systems of the female & genito-urinary tract of the male. Urologist
Specialist in the branch of medicine dealing with the general overall health of patients of all ages. Practitioner does not specialize. Family Practice
The field of medicine that focuses on the treatment & control of obesity & associated diseases. Bariatrics
Specialist in the study of malignancy & cancerous growths. Oncologist
Specialist that treats disease by manipulation of the vertebral column. Chiropractor
Study which qualifies the person to examine the eyes, prescribe conventional glasses, contact lenses microscopic devices. Optometrist
Specialist in the study and care of the feet. Podiatrists
Person skilled in grinding lenses, making eye glasses, and fitting them according to a prescription from an Ophthalmologist. Optician
The study of the problems and processes of aging. Gerontologist
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