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A&P Ear Disorders

Define Tinnitus Ringing in the ears
Term for dizziness Vertigo
Define Anacusis Lack of hearing
Age related lose of hearing acuity is known as Prebycusis
What is Otosclerosis Stapes hardening over time
Removal of the stapes is known as Stapedectomy
What is the procudure for a Stapedectomy or removal of the stapes Soft plastic implant is put in place of the spongy covered bone of the stapes
What is Meniere's Syndrome Infammation of the inner ear
Can infalammation of the inner ear known as Meniere's Syndrome be recurrent Yes
Symptoms of Meniere's Explosive attacks of vertigo, Nausea and Vomiting, Intermitent hearing loss, Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Otalgia (ear ache).
What is used to Treat Meniere's Steroids
What is Auditory Agnosia A lack of understanding sounds
How does Auditory Agnosia happen Caused by a stroke or tumor
When Auditory Agnosia happens what does it do to a person there is damage to Broca's Area - A person hears but it makes no sense
What is used to Treat Auditory Agnosia Antibiotics-Amoxicillin
What is Otitis media Middle ear infection
Middle ear infection known as Otitis media usually happens to The young
Color of infected tympanic membrane (eardrum). Pink or Red
How does the eardrum look with fluid behind it Dull
What is the medical term for earache Otalgia
What happens when a Tympanotomy is done tubes are put in the ear to drain
What is Otorrhea Drainage of the ear
What is Myringotomy Surgical incision of the tympanic membrane.
The vestibular nerve leads to the brain from where? Semi circular canals
Decibals = Frequency = Volume pitch
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