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HUM#2 Artists etc.

Rococo through Realism

Jean-Antoine Watteau Rococo artist. Painted fetes gallants. "return from cythera"
François Boucher Rococo artist. New master of fete gallants, copied the paintings of Watteau for the public to enjoy. "Mme Pompadour" "shepherds piping"
Jean-Honoré Fragonard Rococo artist. Intimate and exotic genre paintings. "The swing" "Love letters"
Balthasar Neumann Rococo. architect. "Vierzehnheiligen". Rococo architecture is intense and elaborate.
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Rococo painter of ceiling decoration. "Palace at Wursburg, Germany"
Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin Rococo. artist. Painted genre scenes that are less elaborate than traditional rococo style. Painted every day life, genre and still-life
Elisabeth Louise Vigée-Lebrun Rococo artist. Painted self-portraits. Painted the aristocracy, royalist committed to the monarchy
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Classical Music. Wrote opera don giovanni and symphony no 40. (also magic flute, marriage of figaro). Development of dramma giocoso
Joseph Haydn Classical Music. Father of the symphony. Wrote the surprize symphony.
Jacques-Louis David Neoclassicism artist. "napoleon" "french revolution" "death of marat" "intervention of sabin women". Sketch of Marie Antoinette going to the guillotine.
Antonio Canova Neoclassicism. Sculpture. Sculpture of washington and napleon
Olympe de Gouges Neoclassicism. Wrote about women. "Declaration of the rights of woman and the female citizen"
Mary Wollstonecraft Neoclassicism. Noted english feminist writer. Rights on education
Robert Adam Neoclassicism. "adam style", antique style from Rome and Greece. Architect and interior/furniture designer
Josiah Wedgwood Neoclassicism. Potter
J.M.W. Turner Romanticism. Landscape painter, painterly style, the sublime.
John Constable Romanticism. Landscape painter, painted what he actually saw, a real place, picturesque
John Keats Romanticism. Poet. Ancient world, melancholy. “ode on a Grecian urn”
Percy Bysshe Shelley Romanticism. Poet "Ode to the west wind"
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Romanticism. Poet. "kubla Khan". Exotic (drugs).
William Wordsworth Romanticism. Poet. "The word is too much with us". Sonnets, nature and mythology.
Mary Shelley Romanticism. Wrote frankenstein. Modern prometheus
Francisco Goya Romanticism. Engravings (black and white), lots of war, gruesome, satire. Painting of the christlike figure under gunfire.
Caspar David Friedrich Romanticism. Melancholy paintings, hand of god in nature. "wanderer above the sea"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe [GUR-teh] Romanticism. Writer of faust (play) and werther (novel)
Eugene Delacroix Romanticism. Painted exotic scenes. "liberty leading the people"
Ludwig van Beethoven Romanticism. Wrote the first romantic symphony. 5th symphony (sonata allegro form). Example of individualism and the sublime. Romantic characteristics (pushing the boundaries)
Hector Berlioz Romanticism. Program music With written notes
Franz Schubert Romanticism. Lieder compositions
Robert Schumann Romanticism. Composers and piano performers
Frédéric Chopin Romanticism. Piano, Polonaises, Nocturnes
Giuseppe Verdi Romanticism. Wrote operas. "La Traviata". Bel Canto style
Richard Wagner Romanticism. Leitmotifs , gesamtkunstwerk. Wrote operas
Charles Dickens Realism. Wrote a tale of two cities.
Henrik Ibsen Realism. Wrote A Doll's House
Honoré de Balzac Realism. The human comedy.
Gustave Flaubert Realism. Madame bovary - made a novel about a woman protagonist
Theodore Géricault Realism. Style of the academy but with a bit of satire and realism. "the raft of the medusa".
Honoré Daumier Realism. Lithographs - sketch. "gargantua"; "slaughter at rue transnonain". satire
Gustave Courbet Realism. Painted realistic everyday scenes "the stone breakers
Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres Academism. Conservatice academy painter. "napoleon on his imperial throne"
Jean-Léon Gérôme Academism. Orientalist painter
William-Adolphe Bouguereau Academism. Peasant girls, shepherdess. Presented as beautiful instead of working
Fyodor Dostoyevsky Russian Nationalists. Novelist. Wrote about human suffering, Crime and punishment
Leo Tolstoy Russian Nationalists. Anna karenina - russian everyday life
Piotr Ilych Tchaikovsky Russian Nationalists. 1812 overture. Melodic ballets (Wrote the nutcracker, sleeping beauty, swan lake). Prima Ballerina.
Created by: sara_hillyer