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Religion Chapter 8

In the _____ _____ we learn about the relationship between God and his people. Old Testament
We read the history of ____ people in the time before the birth of ___ God; Jesus
God called ____ and _____ descendants. Abraham; Sarah's
They were heading for _____ the land God had promised them Canaan
Moses answered God's call to ____ the people to freedom. Lead
The _____ ______ are the Law's of God's covenant given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Ten Commandments
The first three commandments help us to show ____ and _____ respect for God Love; respect
The _____ who later became known as the Jewish people, followed these Laws Israelites
The Ten Commandments are God's ____ for us, too. Laws
In the desert between Egypt and Canaan the Israelites came to a mountain called ____ _____ Mount Sanai
____ promised to be their God if they would be his people. God
God promised to ______ his people and help them live in freedom. Protect
The special agreement between God and his people called a _____ Covenant
In return the Israelites promised to live as God wanted them to live. They promised to ____ him the one true God Worship
_____ was one of _____ and Sarah's many decendants Jacob;Abraham
God changed _____ name to _____ Jacob; Israel
God's people were living in the area of the Middle East that is now the country called ____ Israel
In the Old Testament this land was called ____ Canaan
Once a great ____ forced God's people to leave their homes in Canaan. Famine
They (Israelites) stayed in _____ but later lost their ____ there. Egypt; freedom
God's people became ____ Slaves
They were forced to work for the _____, the ruler of Egypt. Pharoah
God chose Moses to_______ Lead the people out of Egypt to freedom
Therefore I have come down to rescue them from the hands of the _____ and lead them out of that land into a good and spacious land, a land of _____ and ____. Egyptians; Milk and Honey
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