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Theology Unit 2 Test

Timeline of Jesus’ Life/Pentecost and Holy Spirit Study Guide

Choose two events in the timeline of Jesus’ life (slide #3) that you feel are most notable and explain why. Start of ministry and death. The start of his ministry was the start of his purpose and it was why he was born and sent. His death proved that he was the son of God and it was the final sacrifice.
What is the Great Commission? The resurrected Jesus instructs his disciples to GO OUT and to make believers of ALL NATIONS by sharing the GOOD NEWS. They were to baptize ALL NATIONS.
What is the significance of Jesus choosing disciples to join him on his mission and to continue his work after his Death, Resurrection and Ascension? After he died and ascended, although he went to heaven, his work wasn’t done because it had to continue through the Holy Spirit, into his disciples so that the disciples could live it out and share it with the rest of the world. Now we are disciples.
Explain what happened on Pentecost. The disciples were afraid to share their belief in Jesus. The Holy Spirit comes to them and the disciples got filled with faith where they were no longer afraid. They were able to speak out in many different languages to share the GOOD NEWS.
Explain the impact Pentecost had on the lives of the disciples. They were given the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be able to transform from scared-brave, followers-leaders, student-teacher. It had filled their lives so that they had the faith to go make disciples of ALL NATIONS.
Explain the three symbols of the presence of the Holy Spirit. Wind (unseen but powerful), fire (purifies and leads us through darkness), dove (appeared when Jesus was baptized)
What is a Charism? A spiritual Gift from the presence (grace) of the Holy Spirit, that does not only benefit you but also the entire Body of Christ (church).
What are fruits of the Holy Spirit? The Fruits of the Holy Spirit are observable behaviors of people who have allowed the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to be effective in them. Those who open and use the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are able to enjoy the fruits of the Holy Spirit. When you are using
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