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Horwath Egypt 1 & 2

an ancient region in the Nile river Valley, on the present-day southern Egypt and northern Sudan Nubia
a large waterfall cataract
plain at the mouth of a river, made when sediment is deposited from flowing water delta
fine soil found on river bottoms, and after flooding, makes land fertile silt
there would be no Egypt without this the Nile River
two sources of the Nile Blue Nile and White Nile
during this time, the Nile flooded summer
god of the Nile Hapi
the black land Kemet
the red land Sahara and Eastern Desert, very unfriendly, shielded Egypt and Nubia from foreign attacks
formed settlements first, and then farmed Nubians
land to the south Upper Egypt
because of these, people could not travel through Nubia by river cataracts
pharaoh another name for an Egyptian king
dynasty series of rulers from the same family or ethnic group
absolute power complete control
regent someone who rules for a child
wise, female ruler who, at first,was a regent for her stepson, Thutmose III. brought peace and wealth through trade Hatshepsut
kingdoms dynasties are divided into these time periods
Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt
Memphis city built by Menes
goddess of truth Ma'at
the Egyptians believed there pharaohs were gods
pharaohs kept peace during this time, and traded with Nubia, and had occasional conflicts Old Kingdom
during this time rulers restored order and reunited the country, wealth was spent on public works Middle Kingdom
princes became strong and drove out invaders, there were armies, and king Tut ruled during this time periods New Kingdom
may have killed his stepmother to gain power back and become pharaoh Thutmose III
Egypt fell to this conqueror Alexander the Great of Macedonia
the last Macedonian to rule Egypt Queen Cleopatra VII
this lead Egypt weak in the New Kingdom civil war
Created by: Horwath