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Early Humans Test

What is an archaeologist? a scientist who studies human life
What is the definition of fertile? good for the growth of crops and plants
What is an artifact? an object made by humans from past cultures
What is migration? the movement from one place to another
What is agriculture? the practice of growing plants and raising animals for food
What is irrigation? the supply of water to fields using human-made systems
Why is the discovery of Otzi important? he is the oldest known mummy
What does Paleolithic mean? Old Stone Age
Where did Paleolithic people live? caves
Why did Paleolithic people travel place to place? following food sources
What is an example of hunting and gathering? picking berries and killing a rabbit for dinner
What invention led to people being able to settle in one place? agriculture
Where did agriculture develop? rivers
What are some advantages to settled life over nomadic life? stable food source, permanent shelter, larger populations
What is domestication? changing a wild plant or animal to be raised by humans
How did people use the plants and animals they domesticated? food, tools, clothes
What new tool did humans invent during the Neolithic Era? plows
What is technology? The application of knowledge, tools and inventions
Specialization is when... people did special jobs, according to what they were best at
What is a civilization? a society with highly developed culture and technology
What is culture? a group's way of life, including types of food, shelter and language
Characteristics of a civilization... social, political, interaction, culture, economic
Inventions by the Sumerians... written language, wheel, bricks
What does the word "Mesopotamia" mean? land between the rivers
Why is the region called the Fertile Crescent it was the birthplace of agriculture
What is the name of the first civilization? Sumer
What did they build to protect the city? walls
The city ruler was also in charge of what? religion
What was one of the jobs of the government? building projects
What was located in the center of each city? Ziggurat
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