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Week 2 Stydy Guide

Week 2 Introduction of US Healthcare Delivery

Which coding system is used in the US to cellect information about Diseases & Injuries?
What is a Quality Imporvement Initiative?
Which President placed the greatest emphasis on health care?
What is the job of the Chief Executive Officer?
What is the definition of Primary Care?
How do the majority of people obtain health insurance?
What are the Government programs that protect patients against health care costs?
Most hospitals in the United States are _______
The ________ acts on reports and recommendations from medical staff committees.
The hospital department responsible for preparing a discharge plan to help determine home needs, assisting in planning for needed medical equipment, helping in choosing a facility for care if the patient is unable to return home, and facilitating discha
State laws require health care facilities to obtain ________ before providing health care services to a patient population.
An independent, not-for-profit accrediting organization for rehabilitation facilities.
Private, not-for-profit organization established to assess and report on the quality of managed care plans. ___.
Specializes in accrediting community-based healthcare organizations.
Provides healthcare organizations with standards, performance improvement tools, and an external evaluation of performance.
A tool used by health plans to collect data about the quality of care and services they provide. ___. I
Incorporated as a multidisciplinary organization to focus exclusively on ambulatory health care.
Factors accounting for the health sector’s increasing share of the nation’s GNP can best be seen in _____ expenditures.
Which of the following economic factors is related to the continual increase of healthcare costs due to longevity of life?
. Looking at the health sector and its rising costs, it is immediately noted that advances in ____ have been an enormous factor. Technology
Which of the following economic factors is related to the increase of obesity in adults as well as children in the U.S. population?
Excludes Medicaid SCHIP expansion and SCHIP
Includes all expenditures for specified health services and supplies other than expenses for program administration, net cost of private health insurance, and government public health activities. ___. I
Includes expenditures for hospital-based nursing home care and home health agency care. ___. I
Includes other government expenditures for these healthcare services, for example Medicaid SCHIP expansion, care funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and state and locally financed subsidies to hospitals.
Created by: prohealth