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To become proficient in Building and Understanding Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes

Angi(o) Blood vessel
Brachi(o) Arm
Bucc(o) Cheek
Cardi(o) Heart
Carp(o) Wrist
Cephal(o) Head
Colp(o) Vagina
Crani(o) Skull
Cyst(o) Cell
Dactyl(o) Finger, toe
Encephal(o) Brain
Enter(o) Intestine
Gloss(o) Tongue
Hemo Blood
Hyster(o) Womb, uterus
Mast(o) Breast
Men(o) Month, related to menses
Nephr(o) Kidney
Oophor(o) Ovary
Ophthalm Eye
Ot(o) Ear
Phleb(o) Vein
Pod Foot
Rhin(o) Nose
Salping(o) Fallopian tube
Thorac(o) Chest
Thromb(o) Clot
Gluc(o) Sweet, sugar
Hydr(o) Water
Lact(o) Milk
Lip(o) Fat
Therm Heat
Erythr(o) Red
Leuk(o) White
Cyan(o) Blue
Melan(o) Black
Cirrh(o) Yellow
Ankyl(o) Stiff, fixed, crooked
Sten(o) Narrow
Ortho Straight position
Kypho Bent, crooked
Pseudo False
Macro Large
Micro Small
Poly Many, much
Brady Slow
Tachy Fast
Oligo Few
Iso Equal
Diplo Both, double
Hemi Half
Pan All
Pro Before
Post After
Super Above
Sub Below
Dors(o) Back
Retro Backwards
Para Beside
Re Again
Later(o) Side
Medi(o) Middle
Schizo Split
Inter Between
Heter(o) Different
Hom(o) Same
Ad(o) Towards
Ab(o) Away from
Anti Against
Endo In, within, inside
Ex(o) Out
Epi Upon, above
Dia Through
Peri Around
Sinister(a) Left
Dextr(o) Right
Aden(o) Gland
Arthr(o) Joint
Cervic(o) Neck
Costo Rib
Cyto Cell
Derm Skin
Gastr(o) Stomach
Glosso Tongue
Heme Blood
Hepat(o) Liver
Lingu Tongue
Litho Stone
My Muscle
Myo Marrow
Neuro Nerve
Oto Ear
Opti Eye
Osteo Bone
Pneum(o) Lung
Psycho Mind
Rhino Nose
Thor(a) Chest
Vasc Vessel
A(n) Without
Auto Self
Dys Difficult, painful
Gravida Pregnant, heavy
Neo New
Centesis Tap, puncture
Ectomy Removal
Lysis Separate, destroy
Ostomy Form an opening
Otomy Cut into
Plasty Repair
Algia Pain
Cele Hernia, swelling
Emia Blood
Gen Producing
Itis Inflammation
Megaly Enlargement
Oid Resemble
Oma Tumor
Osis Abnormal condition
Pathy Disease
Penia Deficiency
Phagia Eating
Phasia Speech
Plegia Paralysis
Phobia Fear
Pnea Air, breathing
Rrhage Burst forth
Rrhea Flow, discharge
Sclerosis Hardening
Spasm Contraction
Troph(o) Nourishment
Uri(a) Urine
Gram Picture, record
Ology Study of
Phon(o) Sound
Scope Inspect
Vas(o) Blood vessel
Sanguin(o) Blood
Mamm(o) Breast
Pulm Lung
Ocu Eye
Myel Marrow
Circum Around
Contra Against
Ren(o) Kidney
Ocul(o) Eye
Auri Ear
Aud Ear
Ven(o) Vein
adip(o) Fat
Leuc(o) White
Stric Narrow
Hyper Many, much
Multi Many, much
Hypo Few
Ambi Both, double
Ante Before
Pre Before
Supra Above
In In, within, inside
Intra In, within, inside
Ec(to) Out
Trans Through
Bio Life
Carcin(o) cancer
Faci(o) face
Somat(o) body
asthenia Weakness
crine To secrete
dynia Pain
ectasis Expansion and dilation
gnosis Knowledge
iatry A field fo study in medicine
lepsy Attack or seizure
Created by: xchorok
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