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Pima PHL Wk 1 Vocab

Paradox Two things that seem the opposite with each other, but actually reflect the truth
Premise An idea/statement we are agreeing is true.
Productivity Not just how much you get done, but getting the right things done.
Pro-active Pro - before Active - doing something Acting before - being ready before something happens. Taking responsibility for responsibility for results
Reactive Doing something in response to something else. Waiting for something to happen.
Paradigm The way you see yourself or the outside world
Principle A rule, belief or idea that guides your actions and decisions
Discernment The ability to make a wise judgement based on your insights understanding
Clarify Make something clear
Potential The capacity to do something great
Priority Higher in importance; worthy of specific attention
Alignment To bring into proper relation; to support or harmonize
Race Grouping based on a person's physical characteristics such as skin color, facial features, and hair texture.
Ethnicity Grouping based on identifying with traditions and values of a cultural group
Bias A preference that keeps one from viewing things objectively
Empathic/Empathy The ability to identify with another's feelings, thoughts, or attitudes
Renewal To restore, making something new, fresh or strong again
Consistent Acting the same way over time
Competency (competencies) Being well qualified to do something
Credibility the quality of being believable or worthy of trust
Integrity A personal quality of being honest and fair, having strong moral principles
Intent Your purpose, design, plan, firm resolve to do something
Character The combination of things about a person that makes that person different from others. Often it refers to how reliable and honest you are.
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