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HG Chapter 3 Vocab 2

Island of development a place establish by European colonialism that is well found in trade
Kinship link types of push or pull factors that influences a migrant decision to move where family or friends have found success
Laws of Migration a set of rules created by Ernst Raven-stein to answer why people voluntarily migrate
Migrant labor a common type of periodic movement involving millions of workers in the us and ten million workers worldwide who cross international borders in search of employment and become immigrants
Migration a type of movement that implies a degree of permanence
Military Service form of periodic movement involving as many as ten million us citizens in a given year
Nomad-ism a type of cyclic movement
Periodic movement a type of movement that involves longer periods away from home than cyclic movement
Pull Factor a condition that would make someone want to come to an area
Push Factor a condition that would make someone want to leave an area
Quotas limits put into place by governments on the number of immigrants who can enter a country each year
Refugees people who have fled their county because of political persecution and seek protection in another country
Regional scale interactions occurring within a region
Remittances money that migrants send back to family and friends in their home country
Repatriation a process of returning refugee to their homeland after violence and turmoil ceases
Reverse remittance flow of money from families in home country to undocumented migrant family members
Russif-ication the soviet policy to promote the diffusion of Russian culture throughout the republics of former soviet union
Selective immigration process to control immigration in which people with certain background aren't allowed in a country
Step migration type of migration that involved moving in small increments over time in order to end up in one place
Transhumance a specialized form of periodic movement in pastoral farming
Voluntary migration a type of migration that may occur after migrant weigh option and choices
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