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Fisher Global Era 3G

Global Era 3 G: Africa

Afrikaaners and Boers Dutch settlers in South Africa
Transvaal and Orange Free State Areas of South Africa under Dutch control after British takeover
Boer Wars War between Dutch and British over South Africa, Britain wins, South Africa become independent
Afrikaaner National Party Established apartheid policies in South Africa
Apartheid Legal and social discrimination against blacks in South Africa
African National Congress Created to end apartheid, leaders include Nelson Mandela
End of apartheid International pressure including trade restrictions ends causes end of apartheid
Nelson Mandela Leader of independence movement in South Africa, elected President, wins Nobel Peace Prize
F.W. de Klerk President of South Africa who ends apartheid
Kenya Gains independence after British colonization ends
Jomo Kenyatta Anti-colonial activist, "father of Kenya", became President
Ethnic rivalry Conflict between two or more ethnic groups for superiority in a society
Ethnic rivalry in Rwanda Hutu and Tutsi tribes fight for control of Rwanda after independence.
Rwandan genocide Hutus commit genocide against Tutsis, 500,000+ killed
Created by: fisher_lisa