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Chapter 3 HG terms

Activity Spaces the space within which daily activity occurs
asylum the right to protection in the first country in which a refugee arrives
china migration a type of migration that occurs when the migrant chooses a destination and talks to others at home about that place. encourages similar background to also move to that place
colonization physical process whereby a colonizer takes over another place
cyclic movement a type of movement that involves shorter periods away from home than periodic movement
deportation the act of a government sending a migrant out of that country and into their home country
Distance Decay the effects of distances on interaction, generally the greater the distance the less interaction
Emigration the process of moving out of an area
Explorer a person examining a region unknown to them
Forced migration a type of migration that involves the imposition of authority or power producing a involuntary migration
Genocide acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part
Global scale Migration Migration that takes place across international boundaries and between world regions
Gravity model An idea by Raven-stein that suggest that interaction between places is based on their population size and distance between them
Guest worker Legal immigrant who has work visa, usually short term
immigration the process of moving into an area
Immigration laws rules and regulations designed specifically to control immigration into a place
Immigration waves what happens when multiple chain migrations occurs and a swell of migrants come into one destination from another
Internal migration migration that occurs within the boundaries of a single country
Internally displaced persons (IDPs) people who have been displaced within their own countries and don't cross international border as they flee
International Migration movement across country borders
Intervening Opportunity Employment option that can effect where someone moves
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