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Yomim Noraim Test

Jewish Year Test

What day did Moshe Rabbeinu go up the first time up Har Sinai? 7th of Sivan - Shavuot
Day Moshe went up the 3rd time? Rosh Chodesh Elul
Day Moshe came back for the last time, with full Teshuva? Yom Kippur
What do we do every day of the month of Elul to remind us to do Teshuva? Blow Shofar, Selichot, say Le'Dovid Hashem Ori
There has to be atleast ______ days of Selichot, just like a Karbon 4
How should we sign off on every letter in Elul? KeSivah VeChasimah Tova
Selichos should be said before ________________ for it is a time of Appeasement. daybreak
Tzom Gedaliah is on the ___ of Tishrei 3
We begin to blow shofar on the ____ of Chodesh Elul 1st
To show our confidence in a favorable judgement we prepare for Rosh Hashana by: haricuts, bathing, dress nicely
Hataras Nedarim has to be done in front of a Beis Din of _____ Jews 3
Rosh Hashan can't fall out on which days? Sunday, Wednesday, Friday
Reshaiim are written down on Rosh Hashana and signed for ______. death
Tzadikim are written down and sealed immidiatly for ________. life
Beinonim are not written and sealed until _____ _______. Yom Kippur
We eat the head of a ram to bea reminder of___________ ______________. Akaidas Yitzchak
We eat fish to be a sign that the Jews should... multiply like fish
On Rosh Hashanah we readthe Torah portion about Sarah having Yitzchok, Akaidas Yitzchok
The 3 special Middle Berachos in RoshHashana Musaf are... malchiot, zichronot, shofarot
Created by: Rabbi Perton



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